Newsletter 71

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well, since my last newsletter two months ago we have had some great hunts to report back on including another trophy elephant bull and a couple of great dagga boys, please read on: I have just returned from Botswana where I hunted plains game on a 100.000 hectare hunting concession that comprises of multiple low fence cattle farms that all have loads of wild game on them, the camp is good, food is great = this is free range fair chase hunting that reminds me very much of the old days growing up in and hunting in South Africa, I am working on marketing rights and a price list for these Botswana plains game hunts and will update you in due course. Also interesting is the indications that Botswana will be re-opening elephant hunting later this year for the 2019 season and beyond, you can be sure that when this happens I will endeavour to get quota on these bulls for my valued clients. I will update you accordingly.

Onto recent hunts:

In my last newsletter I mentioned that another big elephant had just been hunted on a hunt that I booked, here are the photos and confirmation of the bull that was hunted in April 2018: initial estimates put this bull at over 100 pounds per tusk…. The official weight of these tusks was just shy of 100 pounds per tusk @ 95 pounds and 93 pounds respectively making this bull a very respectable solid 90 pounder and the biggest elephant hunted in Africa this year so far that I know of taking that title from the 85 pounder that my client shot earlier this year a month before this bull was shot in the same area. This trophy bull as per the last one was hunted in the Gonarezhou Safari Area Naivaisha guided by Zim PH Lloyd Yeatman and assisted by RSA PH Russ Field who booked the hunt from me.

On another recent hunt in Zimbabwe, this time in Matetsi a client of ours from the USA hunted this very good hard boss buffalo with Zim PH Zane Bronkhorst:

On another recent hunt this time in RSA, a client from Europe hunted this very nice hard boss buffalo plus roan and nyala with PH Riaan Lourens:

Lastly whilst I was in Botswana I hunted this 55 inch kudu bull with my sons Hunter and Luke, a great bull.. Great hunt… Lots of these big bulls around those parts… please contact me if you want to jump the que and book your plains game hunt in Botswana.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends, please contact me for more information about hunting in Southern Africa. As for me I am off to Namibia in August for a few weeks with my good friend Zim PH Simon Dzingai, we are going to hike the Fish River Canyon and so some hunting, from Namibia I am off to Botswana again in search of elephant quota for when elephant opens again in Botswana then onto Zimbabwe to visit Matetsi and the Gonarezhou to see the new hunting areas Mahenye and Bothmans that have as of 2018 become available for my clients to book and hunt, please email me for more information and standby for updates later in the year.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight

Newsletter 67

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this last newsletter for 2017 finds you all well, may I also take this opportunity to wish you a happy festive season ahead and thanks for the support during 2017, prior and beyond. All 2018 concession information including price lists are available on our website:

Our concessions include:

  • Matetsi Unit 2
  • Matetsi Unit 5
  • Matetsi ECA
  • Binga
  • Gonarezhou Safari areas (4 camps, 300.000+ hectares)
  • Top class South African hunting areas

A short reminder that you can visit Take Aim Safaris at the following expo’s during 2018:

I have long maintained that the Gonarezhou Safari areas are the perfect place/best place to hunt for trophy elephant bulls and trophy buffalo bulls. During the last 5 years we have hunted two bulls over 100 pounds, one of them was 105 pounds, the next was 122 pounds and now there has been a 132 pounder pick-up, this bull was not hunted, the tusks were found by Parks Rangers inside the Park, this bull surely died of old age but not before passing on his gene. If you are interested in a trophy elephant bull I say the Gonarezhou Safari Areas are the best place to look, here is the 132 pound pick-up:

Onto the recent hunts where a client of ours from Europe hunted this hippo and croc in the Gonarezhou Safari Areas with PH Nixon Dzingai, these river hunts for hippo are always exciting due to the fact that most hippos are hunted on dry land in and around the Lowveld River system.

Also on a recent hunt a client from the USA hunted this trophy 44 inch buffalo bull in Malipati Safari Area, a special thanks to RSA PH Russ Field for the booking:

On another recent hunt a long term client of ours on his family’s 20th + hunt with TAS hunted this very good roan antelope and beautiful lion in the North West Province of RSA, thanks to PH Riaan Lourens for guiding the hunt. These lions hunts are great value for money hunts at about the price of an RSA buffalo hunt:

On the last of our recent hunts PH Talmage Alexander guided a client from the USA in the Matetsi ECA on this buffalo and sable hunt.

Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends, as always please contact me for all your big game hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Hunters best wishes and a fantastic festive season ahead to you all.

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 64

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Since my last newsletter on the 14th June we have had some very good hunts to update you on including this follow up on the Matetsi Lion hunt that was ongoing when I sent out my last newsletter and I finalised the launch of two first class hunting destinations in South Africa as mentioned in newsletter 63, please read on below:

Starting in Matetsi Zimbabwe where PH Steve Meyer guided a Russian client of mine on this fantastic hunt, the client shot what Steve tells me is the biggest body lion he has ever seen or hunted and further estimates this lion to be 8 years + old, this wild lion had a broken front canine tooth that would have made hunting hard for him. The client also hunted this 44 pounder elephant in Matetsi plus this giraffe (lion bait) and buffalo before moving to Binga for his hippo and croc:

We do have one lion left in Matetsi for 2017 please contact me if you are interested.

On a recent Gonarezhou hunt with PH Nixon Dzingai our client managed to get this 62 pounder elephant and this 44 inch hard boss buffalo on his 5th hunt with us in the Gonarezhou. Nixon tells me that elephant and buffalo movement into Malipati Safari Area is at its all-time best, I do have quota available for elephant, leopard and buffalo plus a whole host of plains game including nyala, bushbuck and waterbuck for Malipati Safari Area and Naivaisha for the 2017 season, late season hunts are fantastic now is the time to book.

South African PH Russ Field booked a buffalo hunt with me for his client from the USA in our Sengwe concessions of the Gonarezhou area during June, Russ and Zim PH Simon Dzingai hunted this very good dagga boy on that hunt, thanks Russ.

A South African client of mine on his 3rd hunt booked with Take Aim Safaris hunted this hippo and croc with PH Steve Meyer in Zimbabwe/Binga:

Adding my own personal touch to this newsletter my sons and I hunted these two oryx and this red hartebeest on a recent concession visit to Philippolis/RSA, I saw fantastic numbers of game on that hunt including buffalo, sable and roan, a real pleasure to see the beauty of Africa in this place. Please read on:

I am trying to get a sense/re-enforce my own view of where big elephants are being hunted in today’s Africa, as far as I know in areas open for hunting the Gonarezhou produces the biggest tusk weight elephant bulls consistently. There are two other good trophy bull areas I know of but I say Gonarezhou is best (and around half the price). Does anyone know if a bigger elephant than this Gonarezhou 83 pounder our client hunted in February has been hunted anywhere in Africa this year yet?  PS: Don’t forget our 122 pounder in 2015 plus a whole host of other trophy bulls:

If you do have FACTS: Area, photos and date of a bigger bull that has been hunted in 2017 please let me know.

Look at this recent photo that was taken in the Gonarezhou National Park and tell me what you see? Obviously there are two elephant bulls in the photo but also a dead baobab that the elephants have just pushed over and killed for a few small fruights at the top of the tree and the high bark on the tree trunk.

There are very few baobab trees left in the Gonarezhou, same goes for the Kruger Park and the entire Lowveld (where elephants are found) thanks to an absolute over population of elephants that are now destroying their own habitat. If you think you are protecting elephants by not culling and not hunting them you are not, in fact at this rate they will destroy their own habitat very soon and take all other herbivores down with them.

How old is this baobab? 500? 1000 years old? This is critical situation that is not being addressed nor being helped by the so called greenies who stop us from culling in our own national parks by dangling the Dollar carrot, closing sustainable hunting in sustainable hunting areas will not help elephants nor any other animal in our Southern African National Parks, when the habitat is destroyed all animals will be gone not only the elephants. If you plan to do good then attack poachers and poaching not hunters who are real conservationists.

What should we be protecting here the baobab or the elephant?

As you may or may not know I live in Johannesburg South Africa and have hunted Southern Africa including South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique for the last 35 years (now 43 years old) in this time and over the 400+ hunts I have booked I have gained a wealth of experience with regards to Southern African hunting, on this point I can with confidence tell you that South African ranch/private farm hunting does not get better than these two areas:


Take Aim Safaris is proud to bring you this first class South African hunting concession that is conveniently situated 3 hours’ drive North of Pretoria/Johannesburg international airport.

If you like me have done all the seriously tough hunts, driven all day when hunting then travelled hours on foot and by car looking for game movement in wild concessions and are now interested in a more luxurious hunt where game movement is good from the time you start hunting in the morning until you stop hunting in the evening yet you still insist on a fair chase hunt then this South African hunting area will be perfect for you.

The hunting area/Safari area is 10.000 hectares in extent that is equal to 100 square kilometres.

The hunting area has 3 lodges within the 100 square kilometre area, there is a main lodge/luxury 5 star lodge that includes a gym, a swimming pool, free wifi, 7 client villas all with en-suite bathrooms, there is a fully stocked well-appointed bar and a luxurious dining room plus a formal lounge with satellite/cable television plus a private office area that is available to guests wanting to catch up on emails/Skype calls etc.

The hunting area has many flat and mountainous sections that are ideal for all hunters whether you are interested in hunting mountains or flat areas, this hunting area will accommodate all hunting requirements and expectations.

We have a mountain lodge and a bush camp; the photos tell the story of this fantastic hunting area. There is also a helipad and a private runway on the property. The runway is 1300 metres long and 30 metres wide.

Whether you are interested in a 5 star lodge or a rustic but very comfortable bush camp or a luxurious private/exclusive mountain lodge we have got exactly what you are looking for and expecting from your South African safari.

This is a big game hunting area with buffalo, rhino, sable, crocodile, and leopard all available to be hunted on the same property plus an abundance of plains game that can be added to all our big game hunts.

This is South African hunting at its absolute best on a property that offers you a fair chase hunt with no breeding camps, no ear tags, no colour variants and no canned/pseudo hunting. I would go as far as to say that hunting in South Africa does not get better than this, in fairness there are of course other good hunting areas in this wonderful country, we are right up there with the best of them.

Here are a few photos of the area and lodge but please follow this link to see the full portfolio of photos:


Nestled between undulating landscapes and ravines of the Southern Free State of South Africa, this Private Game Reserve spans some 14,000 hectares (34,500 acres) on elevated plains, with majestic hills rising from the charming yet harsh and rugged African Bushveld, captivating the most discerning visitor. This private nature reserve is unrivalled in its appeal as one of Southern Africa’s premier hunting destinations. The reserve is privileged to have the Lake Vanderkloof extending its 25km (15,5 miles) Western Boundary.

When I consider Philippolis hunting area words and key features that come to mind are:

  • Privacy
  • Up-market
  • Exclusive
  • Luxurious
  • 5 star luxury accommodation with Wi-Fi in the lodge
  • Abundance of game, big game and plains game

When you hunt Philippolis, you will be guided by top class full time hunting guides ensuring not only an unforgettable experience but everlasting memories that will entice your return. The serene setting coupled with the day’s events will make for good conversation around the fire at sunset.

We offer both the seasoned and less experienced hunter a hunt to suit their tastes and preferences. The reserve is vast and expansive, allowing a ‘walk and stalk’ hunt if you so wish. Hunting from pre-built hides is also an option.

The vastness of the Reserve coupled with the varied topography makes every hunt different – from high open plateaus to deep thorny ravines, the environment is not only aesthetically pleasing, but offers a different challenge on every day.

Come and do your fair chase hunting here on foot.

Here are few photos, to see the full portfolio of photos please follow this link:

As always thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter and for passing it onto your hunting friends.

I do have quota and dates available for all our hunts in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Agents, Clients, PH’s, Outfitters contact me for booking information.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747