I trust this 88th version of the Take Aim Safaris newsletter finds you well, this mid-year newsletter is somewhat of a dagga boy special it would seem…

This has been a great year as far as hunts and hunt bookings go, a great come back year from the Covid years we have gone through, our clients have been rewarded with these superb trophies on hunts conducted in the Sengwe 1 and 2 areas of Zimbabwe and also in the Matetsi ECA of Zimbabwe that is very conveniently situated close to the Victoria Falls and the Victoria Falls International Airport.

These 6 recent buffalo hunts were guided by PH’s Nixon Dzingai, Simon Dzingai and Zane Bronkhorst, all great old bulls that were hunted by clients from USA and Europe, thanks for the bookings.



These two elephant bulls in the 45-to-55-pound range were both hunted in the South-Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe, Sengwe 1 and 2 with PH Nixon Dzingai.



The leopard was hunted by a client from Europe in Matetsi with PH Zane Bronkhorst, a super cat, well done Zane.



The crocodile was hunted in the Chitsa area by one of these buffalo hunters with PH Simon Dzingai who is such a great guy to hunt with and has been a loyal friend of mine for many years now, thanks Simon and well done on yet another great hunt, great photo of the croc, wonderful surroundings. Zimbabwe is a great place to hunt.



As for me, I have been working in Botswana for the last year (and the next few years to come) developing a game reserve and luxury hotel for German conservationist clients of mine that have bought some stunning properties in Botswana/the Tuli Block and consolidated them into a 100km2+ one block game reserve that has an abundance of water, the Limpopo and Lotsane Rivers flow through the property, hippo, crocodile, occasional elephant, leopard and plains game are found in big numbers, as of 2023 there will be plains game hunting available on the game reserve that has over 3000 head of animals on it.

I must add here that this is hunting conservation in action, some of these consolidated properties were previously cattle, sheep and goat farms, the land was unavailable for wild animals until these German clients bought the properties to covert them back into a wildlife only habitat with no more livestock or agricultural farming on the properties, no more bulk harvesting of water for pivots from the rivers and no more habitat destruction by maize or cattle farming, anti-hunters don’t see these wildlife conservation milestones, none the less hunters are the real conservationists, our work continues…

There is a 5 Star Hotel being built on the Botswana property plus a luxury bush camp that has been built, a luxury tented camp, camp sites and many more facilities that make Lotsane the perfect holiday and hunting destination in perhaps the best hunting country in Africa, Botswana in a word is Magnificent. This game reserve and hotel have been designed to be and are being built to be the best privately owned hotel and plains game hunting destination in Botswana and a unique tourism destination. We have the best eland and best kudu hunting I have seen, the bulls of all species on Lotsane are next level as far as top trophy quality and age of animals goes, contact me to be the first to hunt this magnificent property.

Speaking of top-quality hunts and top-quality hunting destinations, the Sengwe 1 and 2 areas of Zimbabwe remain the best trophy elephant and dagga boy hunting destination that I have ever seen in a lifetime spent hunting Southern Africa, not to mention the best priced trophy elephant bull and trophy buffalo bull hunts on the market.

As always, Hunters, Agents, Outfitters, Operators and PH’s please contact me for more information and a quote on your next hunt.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747