Newsletter 80


I hope this newsletter finds you well, a milestone newsletter for me as it’s my 80th one since I started Outfitting hunts in 2008, these newsletters have been hugely successful for me with over 3000 hunters on my subscribed list and growing all the time, thanks for the bookings, the compliments and the continued support.

Please read on for an important offer from DSC to PH’s and Outfitters.

Since my last newsletter that was sent out on the 18th March we had ongoing hunts at that time that I can update you on now prior to the Southern African Lockdowns that came into effect at the end of March and sadly remain in effect for now although I am happy to see and announce that the restrictions are slowly being lifted and that local hunter hunting is now allowed in Zimbabwe and also in South Africa.  To all our valued clients please look at the Emirates Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines routings to Zimbabwe, they do not fly via South Africa thus no need to watch the South African Lockdown restrictions in order to hunt in Zimbabwe.

On the Covid 19 note you can be sure that all precautionary measures are and will be in place in our hunting camps in both Matetsi and the Gonarezhou areas of Zimbabwe, besides that please consider that you will be hunting in very remote areas with low to no humans around and that we have not had a single case of Covid 19 within our staff compliment, neither in the Gonarezhou nor Matetsi.


During March we welcomed back to the Gonarezhou hunting areas repeat clients from the USA on elephant hunts, the clients hunted with PH’s Nixon and Simon Dzingai and managed to harvest these two good bulls:



On another recent hunt prior to Lockdown we welcomed back a South African client on his 6th hunt with us in the Gonarezhou hunting areas Sengwe 1 and 2, this was a non-trophy non-export elephant bull and buffalo bull hunt, nice old dagga boy:



In South Africa I hunted with 4 clients that bought a big bag of game from us on our massive concession in central South Africa, I was assisted by RSA PH Bennie Breytenbaach. We hunted some great animals including this buffalo, sable, roan, bontebok, lechwe, kudus and took off a few broken horn animals. The zebras that you see are not burchells zebra they are Cape mountain zebra that are less commonly distributed across Southern Africa yet still occurring in great numbers.

Good to see the young hunters and lady hunters getting involved, including my own sons that are learning the family business:



Looking at these photos reminds me that there is truly no continent to hunt that is a strong as Africa, the species diversity combined with the wild animal numbers we have are just un-beatable the world over, wildlife truly is our wealth that has been so well protected and preserved that there has never been more wild animals in Southern Africa than there is today, thanks to conservationists that we hunters are proud to be a big part of.

Earlier in this newsletter I mentioned that there is an important offer available for African PH’s, Outfitters and Operators from DSC (Dallas Safari Club) that must be taken up.

I have been asked to distribute this offer by The Custodians Professional Hunting and Conservation organization that I am a member of all Custodian members have been asked to distribute this information, not only me. Nor can I take credit for this initiative this is DSC, OPHAA and the Custodians in action.

I do want to say here that if you are a member of a professional hunting organization that precludes you (stops you/won’t let you join) from joining OPHAA then it falls on you to resign from that today and join the Custodians for the sake of your family and for the sake of your hunting crew and their family (read on below).

I have previously asked myself what do I get for my annual membership subscriptions?  I’m sure you have too, here is the answer:

This is a free offer that as I said you must take up, zero excuse not to do so. I don’t want to and am not going to get into mud singling matches here however if your PH organization won’t or can’t let you take up this FREE DSC offer then the question you must ask your leadership is why not and what viable similar alternative to this free insurance do they offer you? If you won’t listen to me and make the change then let your wife or parents read this please.

To my clients, industry friends and associates, I recommend that you all join The Custodians as they are part of the way forward in today’s Africa and need your help, it’s not expensive it’s a collective thing, you don’t need to be a PH to join, you do need to be a CONSERVATIONIST. Join and be part of the solution to the problems that face African wildlife and the hunting industry as a whole.

Contact Coira at The Custodians office to get the ball rolling:

April 2, 2020
Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa
Via email to;

DSC Frontline Foundation Article for Like Minded Industry Organizations’ Magazines/Newsletters
“A Message from the DSC Frontline Foundation
by John Patterson, President

Six years ago DSC recognized that as a hunting organization whose members rely heavily on the services of professional outfitters and guides, there needed to be a way for DSC to financially support these professionals when they suffer disabling injuries while carrying out their professional duties or help their families in the case of a fatality.  DSC undAnchorerstood that due to the nature of their hazardous professions, and its inherent dangers, financial hardships were a grim reality if unexpected accidents, or tragedy befell these hard-working professionals. Compounding the severity of unexpected events, many have limited, or zero, access to either life or health insurance. Injuries, or in the worst case the death of the breadwinner, translates into complete loss of income, and families are now left without means to support or educate their children.

Understanding these needs, DSC created, and initially funded the DSC Frontline Foundation, whose sole mission is to provide financial support to professional hunters, outfitters, guides, and their staff who put their livelihood, and oftentimes their very lives, on the FRONTLINE of risk while serving the hunting community.  Over the past six years, Frontline has provided financial assistance to professional hunters, guides, game scouts, trackers and, recently included, anti-poaching personnel, and the families of those killed in the line of duty. This assistance has covered everything from search and recovery efforts, extraction from the point of injury, defraying medical expenses, loss of income, providing for children’s education, and when necessary, funeral expenses.

Any outfitter, PH, or guide who is a member of Operators and Professional Hunting Associations of Africa (“OPHAA”) is eligible for DSC Frontline Foundation assistance (this includes an outfitter’s staff who may not be OPHAA members). The only cost to you is simply the expense of maintaining your membership in OPHAA and the requirement that you be in good standing.

We urge you to keep in mind that the DSC Frontline Foundation was created for professionals like you, and it stands ready to support you. Do not hesitate to contact us when you have a qualifying need. We also urge you to promote membership in OPHAA to your friends in the professional hunting industry.  In addition to supporting OPHAA, mention the benefits Frontline provides that go along with membership. The small cost of a membership is the cheapest insurance they will ever have.

More information about the DSC Frontline Foundation, including eligibility requirements and how you can support this worthy cause, may be found at or by contacting the DSC Frontline Foundation at the address or phone number below. DSC Frontline Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Foundation are deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

DSC Frontline Foundation
13709 Gamma Road
Dallas, Texas 75244
(972) 980-9800


I thought I may as well share this interesting article I came across on human/animal conflict in Zimbabwe for 2020 to date, please also follow the link for more info:


HARARE, Zimbabwe

Alberto Lunga is mourning the death of his uncle, who was trampled by an elephant on March 1 in Dingani village, a remote community 450 kilometres northwest of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.

On the day, a herd of elephants got into the maize fields and damaged crops within a few minutes, prompting villagers to come out to scare them away.

“An agitated bull charged towards me and my uncle and we ran for our lives, however the elephant caught up with my uncle who was running slowly.

“The elephant hooked him with its trunk and threw him onto the tarred road two meters away. A speeding car was just passing at that moment and it hit my uncle, killing him on the spot,” Lunga narrated.

The elephant still went on to crash the lifeless body until it was tired, he said.

In a separate incident, Thomas Mupusa, 43, an employee of Zimbabwe National Railway (ZNR), was mauled by lions on May 5.

In Malonga village, which is very close to Dingani village, a baby dropped from her mother’s back was picked by some marauding lions. The mother was protecting her livestock in a farm.

“By the time help came the baby had died,” said Naison Shoko, a villager in Malonga.

Shoko added that the villages are on the boundary of Hwange National Park and are only separated by a tarred road.

Deaths and injuries due to wildlife attacks have been reported from areas close to Hwange National Park, Kariba town, Save Conservancy and Gonarezhou National Park.

Zimbabwe’s wildlife conservancies occupy 16% of the country’s total land since the wildlife population has increased exponentially.

Police issued a warning to the general public to be cautious after a truck driver was attacked by a lion in Kariba on May 26.

“A truck driver is receiving treatment at a local hospital after he was attacked by an elephant […] We urge members of the public to be observant to avoid attacks by wild animals,” said a statement issued by the police.

According to the police, wild animals have killed at least 24 people and injured 21 others in Zimbabwe since the start of this year.

Elephants, lions, buffalos, hippos, leopards and rhinos are said to be most dangerous animals in Zimbabwe.

The figures show that wild animals have killed more people in Zimbabwe than the novel coronavirus. The country has so far reported only four deaths from COVID-19.


Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends. I do have quota and dates available for all your South African and Zimbabwean hunts, please call me or send me an email and lets work through your enquiry. Clients, PH’s, Outfitters are all welcome to contact me. Please refer to my website to see camp photos, maps and read area information for all the concessions we hunt.

Book now to avoid the post Covid rush, I think we all know that this will pass soon.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 79


Welcome to this 79th edition of the Take Aim Safaris (TAS) newsletter, I hope it finds you well.

Since our last newsletter that was sent out in October 2019 TAS clients have done some great hunts including these buffalos and elephants that were recently hunted in Zimbabwe’s Sengwe 1, Sengwe 2 and Chitsa hunting areas that all border onto the Gonarezhou National Park in the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe, these are community owned safari areas that are adjoined to the GNP and/or the Kruger NP, these hunting areas are not located inside the park, they are on the unfenced outside boundary as is the case throughout Zimbabwe and Africa whereby safari areas are often adjoined to the NP’s, these safari areas serve as buffer areas between the park and poachers since safari operators have guests and anti-poaching staff in the field at all times, a successful collaboration.

Our Matetsi 2020 hunts have not started yet, our clients fist Matetsi hunt starts in April, watch this space for updates on elephant, buffalo, big cats and other hunts.

These Zimbabwean free range free roaming hunting areas are real big game hotspots that are completely unfenced wild big game safari areas.

Please read on for recent hunt information and photos.

This is a short update on the hunts that TAS offers in Zimbabwe and a  map below showing the locations of the hunting areas:

  • In the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe we offer hunts in the hunting areas that are open and adjoined to the Gonarezhou National Park and/or open and adjoined to Kruger National Park via the Limpopo river that is the International boundary between RSA and Zimbabwe, these hunting areas are: Mahenye, Chitsa, Naivaisha, Sengwe 1 and Sengwe 2 with possible combinations of some of these areas. There are 4 different hunting lodges available throughout these areas that have long been known as the Gonarezhou hunting areas, these are massive areas.

    These Gonarezhou hunting areas are famous for and remain excellent for trophy elephant bulls and trophy buffalo bulls, these areas rate amongst the top 3 areas in today’s Africa to hunt for these trophy elephant bulls. Also found here in good numbers are hippo and croc. The Sengwe 1 and 2 concessions are true wild dagga boy hunting areas in Zimbabwe that are situated along on the dry Limpopo River (pools of water exist), you can expect to hunt your dagga boy from a group of bulls in the riverine jess bush where they live on the Zim side, these are amongst the best remaining wild dagga boy hunts in Southern Africa. It’s great for me to be able to offer you a hunt in an area that produces free range bulls like this 45 inch classic looking bull with good hooks and great drop hunted a few days ago.

  • In Matetsi we offer hunts in: Matetsi ECA (Extended Conservation Area), in Matetsi Unit 1 and Matetsi Unit 5. I have been selling hunts in Matetsi for over 10 years and can with confidence tell you that Matetsi is a  5 STAR hunting destination in Southern Africa. Matetsi is in a word amazing yet affordable.

    Matetsi is fantastic for elephant, big cats and for buffalo, Matetsi is dry land hunting where massive body elephant bulls (Hwange/Chobe bulls) in the 35 to 45 pound tusk class are plentiful as are the massive herds of buffalo that are found in Matetsi this true wilderness safari area that is open to Hwange National Park and to Chobe NP/Botswana, the hunting areas and hunting lodges are a convenient 1 hour drive from Victoria Falls international Airport, no charter flights and no long road transfers are required to hunt Matetsi. See below for a map detailing the Matetsi safari Areas and the Matetsi ECA. The Victoria Falls, The Mighty Zambezi River and Lake Kariba are all big attractions as are the 5 star hotels in the Falls area.

    If you think Matetsi is overpriced or too expensive please look at our prices, we offer very good value for money hunts in these solid hunting areas.

  • TAS now offers Houseboat hunting on Lake Kariba, this is a new hunt that we are offering as of this year, whereby we hire the houseboat with all staff including cook and bar staff on a full board basis aboard. Your professional hunter will be on the boat with you, we are able to offer hippo, crocodile (big crocs) and depending on the length of the hunt we can offer elephant, buffalo and big cats. On long hunts we have a land based lodge that operates in conjunction with the houseboat. These houseboat hunts are a new venture (and what an amazing adventure) for me with a solid safari company that has years of experience there is nothing new about the team you will be hunting and fishing with on Lake Kariba. An amazing experience no doubt. Prices and information on our website or please send me an email for any enquiry, prime houseboat time is our African summer…. Binga and Lake Kariba hunts are not new to me, I have been selling hunts in Binga/Kariba for years, your hunt will be a good one.

  • Please refer to the map below this email to see the locations of the concessions we offer. You can view all camp pictures and read area information on our website.
  • If I my take a moment to congratulate my good friend Zimbabwean PH Simon Dzingai for being on the front page of the Jagen Weltweit Magazine (“Hunting Worldwide” a German Hunting Magazine) in Europe last month for his buffalo hunting skills and the strength of our buffalo hunting areas.

    For those of you that wish to read the article and/or the English translation please follow this link:


    My partnership with Nixon and Simon Dzingai has been (and remains) great for all concerned, these men are great representatives of Zimbabwe to the rest of the world and front runners of the Professional hunting and guiding industry, they hunt the areas they were born in for free range animals that they have lived with and amongst all their lives on community sharing projects. Well done Simon, you are becoming famous my friend.

  • A further congratulations to another of my partner PH’s and good friend South African PH Jono Joseph from JWK Safaris who was featured in the last edition of the SCI Magazine under the PH spotlight section, Jono was being acknowledged for his hard work and commitment to the industry and to the professional hunters association he represents. Furthermore Jono is a multiple award winning double rifle expert and an all-round good guy. Well done Jono. Here is the link: JONO SCI INTERVIEW.

Our hunting season has started well with these great hunts since our last newsletter, please follow these newsletters (6 per annum) for updates from our hunts throughout the year:

How about this season opening buffalo in Sengwe with PH Simon Dzingai… This +-12 year old 45 Inch old hard boss bull is a classic brute that ticks all the boxes if you ask me.

This 60 pounder elephant bull, a nice old bull with a massive body was hunted in the Chitsa concession North of the Gonarezhou during January 2020.

The nyala bull  was hunted on the same hunt by our lucky hunter from Europe.

This nice old hippo bull that was hunted on dry land and this 35 pounder elephant were hunted in the Sengwe and Chitsa hunting areas of the Gonarezhou with another hunter from Europe.

This buffalo bull was hunted in the Sengwe 1 area of Zimbabwe by a client recently, another nice hard top buffalo bull guided by PH Nixon Dzingai (in photo).

Hunters, PH’s, Outfitters, Agents and Valued Clients Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends, if you are considering a hunt in Zimbabwe or South Africa please send me an email, I have the dates and the quota you need to make the hunt work. My buffalo and elephant hunt prices and areas are unbeatable, please send me an email for more information on top quality well priced big game hunts.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 78


Welcome to Take Aim Safaris newsletter # 78 that is our final newsletter for 2019. This has been a great year with lots of hunts having been conducted between our Zimbabwe and South Africa concessions with only two more hunts left for the year that are both to be conducted in the Gonarezhou area of Zimbabwe, that is unless we have any last minute bookings that we are open for…

Late season hunts are always very good hunts as game movement into the hunting areas is good at the end and start of the year. If you are interested in a hunt for this year or next then please get hold of me via email.

Our early season Gonarezhou elephant and buffalo hunts are popular hunts that are always well sold, that said we do have a few openings including February with quota available on trophy elephant bull and buffalo hunts, please contact me for more information.

Our 2020 pricelists are now available and have been uploaded onto our website, these pricelists now replace the 2019 pricelists there have been a few changes but for the most part the prices have not changed much, our hunts are well priced and offer great value for money. You can follow these links to our Gonarezhou and Matetsi ECA pricelists. These remain our main areas of operation




We believe that we have the best of Zimbabwe to offer you by offering these two concessions that are strong for big cats in Matetsi plus 35 pounder elephants and plenty of buffalo and plains game, in the Gonarezhou we offer trophy elephant bull hunts and dagga boy buffalo hunts plus hippo and croc are plentiful. These are free range fair chase hunting areas in the best hunting country in Africa: Zimbabwe. To see lodge photos and read area information plus see maps of the areas and maps showing where in Zimbabwe these areas are then please follow these links:




I am excited about our new elephant hunting offer in South Africa in the Greater Kruger National Park area, American clients can import elephants hunted in South Africa into the USA which is good news for our USA clients besides that the Greater Kruger National Park hunting areas are very good hunting areas for those of you that want to hunt in South Africa and enjoy the high quality luxury lodges with very many elephants, buffalos and other game around please follow these links to see the pricelist, lodge photos and read area information:




In the Gonarezhou we recently hosted a Father and Son from South Africa on buffalo hunts, the hunt was guided 2×1 by PH Simon Dzingai the clients managed these two very nice buffalos in and amongst excellent buffalo movement as we have in the Gonarezhou all year around, buffalo movement that is getting better and better each year:

Also on a recent hunt in the Gonarezhou, this time guided by PH Nixon Dzingai a client of ours from Mexico hunted this very nice old bull elephant:

During October in Matetsi clients from Europe hunted with PH’s Zane Bronkhorst and Adrian Van Heerden, I met these clients at the Salzburg hunting show this year where they told me they were planning to hunt in Tanzania for buffalo and plains game, I managed to convince them that Matetsi would be a great hunt and that they would enjoy not only Matetsi for hunting but also a few days at the Victoria Falls. The clients took my advice and booked Matetsi Zimbabwe instead of Tanzania. I met them at the airport in Johannesburg after the hunt on their way home where they immediately thanked me for the excellent hunt and the excellent advice, one of the hunters has booked again for 2020 to come back and hunt an elephant.

Experience counts hunters: After a lifetime hunting in Africa and nearly 15 years full time in this business and fast approaching 500 big game hunt bookings you can be sure I know where the target species are located and who the right team to get you in front of them is.

Here are the photos of this hunt:

As far as 2020 goes: Clients, PH’s, Outfitters and Agents please contact me for all your hunt requirements in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

A big thank you to everyone that has hunted with us this year and in the past and thank you to all of you that take the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends. I have attached to this newsletter our Gonarezhou 2020 buffalo hunt price and also our Matetsi 2020 elephant bull hunt price, prices on top quality hunts don’t get better than these prices.

Please contact me for any enquiries that you may have.

You will note on our Gonarezhou pricelist that we have introduced a non trophy (under 35 pounds) non export / cull hunt for elephant bulls, for those of you that want to hunt an elephant but don’t wont to export or can’t export the trophy, in addition to the hunt you will be a part of the post hunt meat distribution process to the local communities that are in need of the meat, this is the only elephant bull hunt that I know of for under 20.000 USD all inclusive.

I will be at the following hunting expos during 2020 please come and see me there to chat about and hopefully book your hunt:

  • SCI Expo in Reno USA stand 475 with JWK Safaris.
  • Jagd and Hund Expo in Dortmund Germany Hall 7 stand D28 Take Aim Safaris.
  • Die Hoje Jagd Expo in Salzburg Austria Hall 9 stand 513 with Adler Tours.
  • Huntex Expo in Johannesburg Hall 4 stand 416 Take Aim Safaris.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and all of yours all the best for the festive season ahead.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 77


I hope this penultimate newsletter for 2019 finds you well.

Since our last newsletter that was sent out on the 24th July 2019 we have had some fantastic hunts, clients that booked with Take Aim Safaris were again showed hunting at its absoloute best in South Africa and Zimbabwe. These newsletters are put together to show you the quality and consistency of the trophies that are coming out of the areas that Take Aim Safaris operates in. If you would like a quote on a hunt in South Africa or Zimbabwe please send me an email by responding to this newsletter or send me a personal email to or

A few years back I booked a hunt for a client from Europe, on that hunt the client wanted to hunt a +50 pound (per tusk) elephant plus two buffalos and a hippo + crocodile, I booked that hunt into the Gonarezhou area, the hunt went very well with the client managing to hunt a 70+ pounder elephant and all other animals he wished to hunt. The same client contacted me again this time he wanted to hunt a wild lion, a leopard, two buffalo, spotted hyena, sable and some plains game. This hunt was booked for July and August 2019 in Matetsi that is in my opinion the best lion area in Zimbabwe plus leopard, sable, buffalo and plains game are plentiful, this hunt was guided by PH Zane Bronkhorst who once again did a fantastic job. Hunting friends please take a look at the quality of these trophies, this lion was estimated at 10 years of age. Proper dagga boys and perfect old bulls in the plains game bag.

To view photos of our Matetsi camps plus read area information and see maps please follow this link:

On another recent hunt this time in the Gonarezhou area of Zimbabwe PH Nixon Dzingai guided this trophy elephant bull hunt during July/August, Nixon and the client managed to hunt this + 70 pounder elephant that goes a long way towards dispelling the myth that the Gonarezhou trophy elephant bull hunts are seasonal, let me be as sincere as I can when I tell you that in the nearly 15 years that I have been operating in the Gonarezhou my clients (and other clients) have consistently hunted trophy elephant bulls during the mid-season.

Also on a recent hunt in the Gonarezhou area of Zimbabwe a client from the USA hunted this super hard boss buffalo and plains game with PH Simon Dzingai:

Staying in the Gonarezhou area where PH Simon Dzingai guided another of our clients from the USA on this buffalo hunt during August:

Also in the Gonarezhou this time guided by PH Lloyd Yeatman: Long term family clients of mine on their 5th or 6th hunt booked with me booked again to hunt in Zimbabwe this time in the Northern Gonarezhou, Andre and his wonderful family from South Africa make friends wherever they go, this hunt was no different. Thanks Andre and Lloyd for these two very good buffalo bulls, a great eland bull and bushbuck. If you want to hunt with Lloyd and experience the fine hospitality offered by his lovely wife Sabine (German speaking) then please get hold of me, I do have dates and quota available.

Back to Matetsi where PH Zane Bronkhorst guided another client of ours from the USA on this buffalo and plains game hunt during August:

Finally for this newsletter I managed to get a few days out of the office and guided and old client of mine on this sable and reedbuck hunt during September:

As we move into the late season hunts the open dates and remaining quota for the year become clearer. I do have dates available for trophy elephant and buffalo bull hunts in the Gonarezhou plus a few late season hunts available in Matetsi. Hunters take my word for it when I tell you that late season hunts are prime time hunts, there are more daylight hours available for hunting and the bush is at its thinnest making spotting and shooting options more plentiful. Please contact me for more information on your late season 2019 or 2020 hunt.

Thank you for taking the time to read and pass on our newsletters to your hunting friends.

Agents, Hunters, PH’s, Outfitters and clients please feel free to contact me for all your South Africa and Zimbabwe big game hunt requirements.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 76


I hope this 76th version of the Take Aim Safaris Newsletter finds you well.

Since my last newsletter that was sent out on the 28th May this year I have been in camp with TAS clients that were hunting in the Gonarezhou area and also in the Matetsi area of Zimbabwe, the hunts have been going well 10+ buffalo hunts in the last month, 3 elephant bull hunts, hippo and croc, sable plus Gwaai lion, so are the hunting areas and surrounding areas doing well, this is largely through hunting resources and hunting work that is available in the hunting camps and hunting areas for local men and women. Locals are very happy with the hunting and with the hunting clients that are harvesting the old bulls, feel free to book as you will be welcomed.

Here are a few photos of our meat distribution program that goes on after an elephant hunt for hunters and non-hunters reading this to see that all meat is used from the hunts, not only the trophy that is taken (exported later) by the client but the locals get the much needed meat and work for the hunting operators in their areas. Elephant (and buffalo) quotas are issued strategically in the Community owned hunting areas so that the meat is evenly distributed throughout the year as the animals get hunted so that each village gets equal amounts of meat and hunting money.

If my late father who was also a hunter had anything to do or say about it there would be no other way to start this newsletter than this scrum camp dagga boy buffalo with a monstrous body (Wow, look at the size of that buffalos neck and body), in many hunters book (including mine) this is the 100 pounder of buffalos. This bull was hunted in Matetsi by a client a few days ago, the hunt was guided by PH Adriaan Van Heerden this is the second scrumcap bull that one of my clients has hunted, the last one was in the Gonarezhou.

I read on a FB post the other day where someone said he “had shot many buffalos in his life, the next one will be like this” I agree friend, my problem is I can’t pass up a dagga boy. The client on this hunt also shot this nice old Matetsi sable bull and hyena.

On another recent hunt where multiple time repeat client hunted this his 7th buffalo with us, a 42 inch dagga boy and this 40 pounder elephant bull in the Gonarezhou safari areas Sengwe 1 and 2 with PH Nixon Dzingai:

From Europe we welcomed two hunters into the Gonarezhou that hunted these two hard boss buffalo bulls with father and son PH team Nixon and Simon Dzingai:

Last year the North Eastern Gonarezhou hunting concession Mahenye changed hands/fell under new concession ownership this opened the door for me to market and sell these Mahenye hunts to my clients, making TAS safaris the only company that is able to offer clients hunts in the Northern, Central and Southern Zimbabwe Gonarezhou hunting concessions that are world famous for big elephant tusks and big buffalos plus hippo and crocodiles are plentiful. If you are thinking about or looking for a big elephant or a big buffalo then look no further as my clients shoot the big ones, the Gonarezhou produces the big ones, consistently.

Here are some pictures of Mahenye camp that is stunning and a map of the area and some area photos plus my area explanation, Mahenye Gonarezhou:



Mahenye is a Zimbabwe/Gonarezhou hunting area that is situated on the North Eastern Boundary of the Gonarezhou National Park and has a further boundary with Mozambique. The Mahenye riverine jess bush including forests along the river is perfect territory for elephant bulls and buffalo bulls, this area has produced very big ivory in the past. There has been very little to no hunting in Mahenye for the last 10 years.

The North Eastern portion of the Gonarezhou National Park is adjoined and unfenced to Mahenye, this area has the highest concentration of elephant bulls in the entire park, this is due to the high volume of water and good levels of available feeding, there is lots of water on the hunting area side. Keys species at Mahenye are elephant, buffalo, hippo and crocodile.

The camp consists of 2 luxury client tents with own bathroom plus 1 luxury client chalet with own bathroom (can sleep 6 clients 2 x clients per room comfortably), the lounge and dining room are very nice and could be considered as luxurious. The fireplace and view overlooking the Save River can only be described as awesome, I took these pictures of the nearby Chilo Gorge that is adjoined to Mahenye. The Mahenye camp has hot water and generator power.

The confluence of the Save River and Runde Rivers is within the Mahenye Safari area including many large islands formed by the confluence of these rivers, most famous of these islands is Muchemeni Island, and also well known within the general area is Chilo Gorge. Lots of water on the Mahenye Safari area side.

You can see camp photos of the other Gonarezhou concessions that TAS offers, Naivaisha that is Central Gonarezhou, Sengwe 1 and Sengwe 2 that are both Southern Gonarezhou concessions, all Gonarezhou concessions have open and unfenced boundaries with Gonarezhou National Park and in the case of Sengwe 1 and 2 there are open and unfenced boundaries with the Kruger National Park. Follow this link to see camp photos, read area info and maps:

Another repeat client hunted the Gonarezhou with PH Nixon Dzingai, I was on this 10 day hunt, we hunted hard and shot a few good buffalos and this elephant in the 35 pound range.

Another recent visitor to our Gonarezhou hunting area was Mr. Peter Diekmann who is an editor at the German hunting magazine Jagen Weltweit, Peter came over to see what all the hype is about surrounding hunting the Gonarezhou areas of Zimbabwe and to report back to his readers what he saw here, while Peter was here he hunted a buffalo, he was guided by Simon Dzingai, they managed to hunt this 14 to 16 year old dagga boy, well done and thanks to Peter and his team. I am sure you will be back for your next buffalo or elephant soon.

Also during June we welcomed a hunter from the USA into Sengwe Gonarezhou for this buffalo hunt, nice old bull that went down in the Limpopo River, on that hunt the PH saw this Nyala in the hunting area, good old bull and we get a few on our annual quota.

In the Southern Gwaai a client from Europe hunted this lion that was hunted during the day on a walk and stalk hunt on day 1 of a 21 day hunt, plus this Matetsi buffalo, hippo, croc and sable on a hunt guided by Steve Meyer:

A recent Gonarezhou hunt with PH Simon Dzingai produced this very nice buff with a 41 inch spread, South African clients hunting the Gonarezhou:

Lastly for this newsletter we welcomed German Professional Hunter Mr. Peter Dafner into the Gonarezhou hunting areas Sengwe 1 and 2, Peter came and hunted with us with his client from Europe, this was a 14 day trophy elephant bull hunt that was guided by PH Nixon Dzingai, Peter passed up a 45 pounder early on in the hunt, then went on to hunt this superb 65/70 pounder a very old elephant. Thanks for the second hunt of the year with us Peter, we look forward to welcoming you back again.

We have moved into the second half of the hunting season, the African summer months are my personal favourite time to hunt as there are the most daylight hours during this time of year and there are no cold days or nights to worry about plus loads of game moving around for water and grazing.

I do have quota and dates available on all big game species between Zimbabwe and South Africa for the rest of this year plus bookings are open for our 2020 hunts.

Hunting agents, clients, PH’s and Outfitters please contact me for any hunts you may need in South Africa or Zimbabwe and please pass my newsletters onto your hunting friends.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 75


I hope this 75th edition of the Take Aim Safaris newsletter finds you well.

Since our last newsletter on the 10th April we have welcomed clients from around the world into our hunting concessions where we have again delivered on our clients expectations and high hopes by delivering not only the quality safari experience that the clients book and expect but also the trophy quality that we strive to achieve and do achieve with our focus on hunting old bulls on a free range, fair chase basis, booking with Take Aim Safaris ensures you that you will get the safari you book conducted by market leaders in our service and guiding capabilities.

Since my last newsletter we welcomed Grant Taylor from Mashambanzhou Safaris on an elephant hunt he booked with me for his client, the hunt was conducted in the Gonarezhou Safari area Sengwe 2 and was guided by PH Nixon Dzingai during April 2019. The hunt was a huge success, the client managed to hunt this 80 pounder superb elephant bull with symmetrical tusks, on his last molars a fantastic trophy well done to all concerned.

I am no stranger to the back lash levelled against us hunters by the anti-hunters especially when such a big bull is hunted, over the last 12 years since I started TAS my clients have consistently hunted amongst the biggest elephants (and buffalos) in Africa, please take a moment to look at some these magnificent bulls including 2 bulls over a 100 pounds (one them went 122 and 120) plus many bulls over the 80 and 90 pound mark including this one that was recently hunted.  The fact that we produce these results has made me and my company an anti-hunting dart board, sorry to say but 99% of the anti-hunters know nothing about wild animals or conservation, they just don’t want to see dead animals… except on their plate for dinner of course or as leather seats in their luxury cars, on that basis for them its ok to kill.

What most hunters and non-hunters don’t see is what goes on in the background between hunts and perhaps this is a good time to show you. After this bull was hunted there was anti-hunting negative publicity about the hunt, the PH that guided the hunt Mr. Nixon Dzingai was asked to write a report on the hunt by local authorities, below is Nixon’s version of events regarding the hunting of this bull and a brief statement regarding what work is done by SSG Safaris on an annual basis for the local communities in the Gonarezhou including: food, clothes, roads, schools and medical facilities.

These upgrades and improvements are all paid for by hunting money.

There are no anti-hunters or greenies on the ground here trying to alleviate the suffering of the local people whether suffering via poverty due to economic circumstances or the human / animal conflict that is at an all-time high and getting worse in fact apart from threatening to kill me, my family and all of my colleagues in the hunting industry there is not one positive thing that non-hunters or anti-hunters do to help the animals or the people that live with the animals in the Gonarezhou safari areas, not one thing.

It seems to me that sending threatening emails is pretty much all the anti-hunters do. This is an invitation to all the anti-hunters and green brigades to come down here and chase these buffalos and elephants out of the maize and crop fields at night? Let’s see how you feel the about these animals the next morning. Why not bring some school books with you for the local kids, may as well bring clothes, medicine, bricks and cement that the safari operators do with hunting money, every month of every year.

This will never happen as not many care much more than not wanting to not see photos of dead elephants/dead animals… unfortunately for us we need these photos to sell our hunts. Most greenies are quite happy to eat meat, chicken or fish as we know as long as you or I kill the animal for them.

When you read on below please consider for a moment how you would feel if the 20 elephant bulls and buffalo bulls raiding crops were raiding your crops that you planted to feed your family for a year? These are not commercial farmers these are sustenance farmers planting crops without irrigation, using rainfall only, once the crops are gone/destroyed by elephants and buffalos then the annual food supply for that family or even that village is gone and cannot be replaced.

How would you or I feel about elephants if it was your father that was killed by the elephant defending his/your crops, then your Uncle or Mother killed by buffalos the next week and so on and so on forever and ever plus the situation is getting worse since there are more and more elephants and buffalos every year as African National Parks are too scared to cull elephants or buffalos for fear of losing much needed funding, population numbers of wild animals are exploding. Hunters are not the enemy they are a part of the solution.

If hunting stops in these areas then the meat stops for the families that receive the donation meat from the hunting operators as no meat is sold it is all is given away to the locals as donations. Apart from the meat supply stopping there would be no more anti-poaching work done by the PH’s then no one is left to chase these buffalos and elephants out of the fields, no one left to stop the lions killing people and cattle and worst of all no more jobs/no more money for the locals who are employed by the hunting operators.

Countries stopping the import of elephant and similar trophies are not making things better for the animals they are making things worse as the animals then have zero economic value and are being killed/poached/poisoned by locals for meat or retaliation for damage done to crops and people.

Try having a pride of lions, a herd of elephants and herd of buffalos who’s numbers are constantly increasing in your suburban neighbourhood then let’s see how you feel about hunting and culling.

Allow me to use rhino as an example, they/rhinos are nearly all dead and will all be dead soon in wild Africa due to poaching as we Africans cannot farm our own rhinos to harvest the horns from the live animals thanks to 1st world pressure where you don’t even have 1 wild rhino, if we were allowed to harvest horn from live rhinos there would be more rhinos than cattle in Africa, the 1st worlds approach to African wildlife problems has failed.

The fantastic hard work of the rhino anti-poaching units by brave and committed men and women will ultimately fail to protect the rhinos from poaching, slaughter and extinction in the wild as the demand for the illegal horn is too high, the poachers resolve is too strong and now they are too well funded and are too well supplied.

FYI please read this recent report implicating CZ rifles in supplying rhino poachers, whether CZ is directly or indirectly supplying poachers in my mind is the same thing, they ought to know where there rifles are going, disgraceful:

In summary rhinos would be thriving if hunters and private game farmers were allowed to farm and harvest these horns, CITIES has failed to protect rhinos and elephants.

In closing this section / this trophy elephant bull hunt portion of my newsletter I refer you to the words of the president of Botswana our neighboring country with whom we share many elephants (too many), please read on below.

Nixon’s Email:

“Dear Mr……

This Elephant hunt was conducted at Sengwe Area 2 Hunting concession which is approximately 90000 Hectors . It was shot and killed around 7:30p.m in the corn fields dated 18 April 2019 in Ward 15 under Headman Ngwenyeni .The loc state of the killed Elephant is 0338167/7557480 and is approximately 50 to 55 years old. About twenty migratory Elephants was every day spotted raiding the corn fields. Elephant Quota for Sengwe Area 2  is 3 Elephant Bulls and 3 Tusk less . Duration of the hunt was from the 14 April to 27 April 2019 ,monitored by one of Gonarezhou Conservation Trust scout and Chiredzi Rural District Council scout.

Human/Wildlife Conflicts (2019 to date) : 1 person killed by Elephant , 2 people killed by Buffalos and 3 people injured by Buffalos . All these cases were attended to.

Community developments funded directly by SSG via Hunting income are as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of roads.
  • Bore holes rehabilitation.
  • Maintenance of schools that is Pahlela Primary School, Sengwe Secondary School, Dumisa Primary School, Chilothlela Primary School, Mugivisa Primary School, Samu Secondary School, Muhlekwani Primary School, Gwaivhi Primary School.
  • Repairing grinding mills.
  • Construction of Early Childhood Development{E.C.D} Blocks.

Thank You
Nixon Dzingai”

Onto Matetsi where PH Steve Meyer guided a client of ours from Europe on this buffalo hunt recently, they managed to hunt this very nice dagga boy buffalo:

Still in Matetsi with Steve Meyer and Zane Bronkhorst: You may or may not know that Southern Africa is currently experiencing low rainfall periods/drought, this fact has impacted negatively on animal populations and on humans alike, as part of the Matetsi ECA redistribution and upliftment program that includes: food (meat and maize), schools, medical, roads, anti-poaching and environment management I am pleased to announce that Steve Meyer just this month drilled 3 boreholes in the Matetsi ECA to provide clean and always available drinking water to animals and humans alike, 2 of these boreholes with solar panels and solar powered pumps have been strategically placed in the hunting area, the 3rd borehole has been drilled and placed in the village of the local people for the exclusive use of the locals, here are some photos.

A big thanks to Steve and to all our clients (his and mine) who bring the hunting Dollars into Zimbabwe to make these programs possible.

If you wish to be part of these charity programs please contact me, we need to drill more boreholes specifically in the Gonarezhou, local schools need school books, school uniforms and skills, hunters, non-hunters and anti-hunters are all welcome to join these conservation and humanitarian programs perhaps we can start to build the bridge that bridges the gap between us.

Please see attached photos of the recent drill and subsequent solar installation.

Still in Matetsi: During May we had a visit from celebrity German Professional Hunter Mr. Peter Dafner who brought his client to hunt for an elephant, a sable and plains game. The hunt went very well, Peter and his client managed to hunt this 40 pounder elephant, a very nice old sable bull and a nice old kudu bull and a zebra. It was a pleasure to work with Peter, thanks for the booking and thanks for taking time off your busy Tanzanian hunting season to hunt with us in Zimbabwe, we hope to see you again soon. Peter’s hunt was co guided by Zimbabwean PH Zane Bronkhorst.

In South Africa PH Jono Joseph guided a client of ours from the USA on this buffalo and plains game hunt, JWK Safaris that I own a 3rd of is gaining momentum in the USA and RSA, well done Jono and Adriaan. #JWK for the win.

PS: Any double rifle hunters out there that want to hunt with an award winning double rifle expert marksman and bushveld enthusiast then Jono Joseph is your PH. Just last weekend Jono won ANOTHER double rifle shooting competition.

A very nice old buffalo… well done Jono.

Here are two more buffalos, proper old dagga boys that were hunted recently in the Gonarezhou area of Zimbabwe by clients of mine from South Africa. These Gonarezhou buffalo hunts are proper dagga boy hunts. For those of you driving from South Africa our concessions in the Gonarezhou Safari areas Sengwe 1 and 2 are only 3 hours drive from Musina/Beit Bridge, for our international clients we offer a road transfer from Harare or a charter flight to the Gonarezhou from Johannesburg/OR Tambo International Airport.

Not many hunting areas that I know of  offer bone fide dagga boy hunts on a free range basis, the Gonarezhou is one of them.

Well done to Simon Dzingai and Gift Dzingai for guiding these hunts.

Last but not least for this newsletter is this recent hunt that I did with my sons Hunter and Luke:

My son Hunter (age 10) shot this very nice wildebeest bull with a 300 WM that I was given by a client and friend from Spain, thanks Juan. My son and I bum crawled 100 meters to get into position for this one shot kill:

On the same hunt I also managed a great old wildebeest bull and trophy warthog.

My younger son Luke (age 9) shot this impala ram with his 308, him and I skinned it and prepared meat for our house from these animals. Nothing is wasted.

We hunted in South Africa on this wonderful hunting farm that is 14.000 hectares with many animals, perfect lodge and stunning views…. These are not expensive hunts and are a great fun with lots of species to be hunted, please follow this link to read more about the area:

This link to see the pricelist:

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and to pass them onto your hunting friends, sorry if my comments regarding our elephant hunts (and rhino conservation) are a little of the topic of hunting however the constant threats and insults I get from greenies who really know nothing about conservation and nothing about Africa and her people can get a person down at times.

Hunters are real conservationists, we are doing good work, we won’t be discouraged. I have often told non-hunters and anti-hunters that to this day I have never met a hunter that would kill a species that is under threat of extinction or not thriving in its habitat.

Congratulations to Botswana for re-opening hunting this week, much needed tourism and hunting Dollars will filter down to Southern Africa as a result.

Please email me for your personal quote and more information on a hunt with Take Aim Safaris in Zimbabwe, South Africa or Namibia… I do have quota and dates available for most if not all big game hunts.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 74


I hope this 74th edition of the Take Aim Safaris newsletter finds you well.

Since our last newsletter that was sent out in November 2018 we have been very busy with marketing at the international hunting conventions that we attend, and of course our hunting season has started here in Southern Africa which is great news for us and for our valued clients. It has been a great start to the hunting year even though we had late rains followed by cyclone Idia that flooded the river system in the Gonarezhou areas of Zimbabwe where we hunt, apart from flooding rivers our hunting areas and camps were untouched by cyclone Idia, the late rains we had mean that our winter hunts and late season hunts will be very good.

On a February hunt in the Gonarezhou guided by PH Nixon Dzingai a client of ours from Europe managed to hunt this 45/50 pounder elephant bull plus this 42 inch buffalo and this massive hippo bull. We have recently taken over a new concession in the Gonarezhou Safari areas of Zimbabwe named Bothmans, this is a very good area for elephant, buffalo, leopard and plains game. In addition to Bothmans we still hunt the Sengwe 1 and 2 hunting concessions of Zimbabwe that are open and unfenced to the Gonarezhou National Park, The Kruger National Park and the Mozambique National Park, these are fantastic areas for dagga boy buffalos and elephant bulls + hippo and croc are plentiful in this 300.000 hectare concession.

Also on a recent hunt, this time in Matetsi a client of ours from Europe hunted this 35 pounder old bull elephant with PH Steve Meyer, Matetsi is a fantastic hunting area that consistently produces top quality trophies. Logistically it is very easy to hunt Matetsi that is located a short 40 minute drive from the Victoria Falls International Airport of Zimbabwe.

On another recent hunt in the Gonarezhou PH Zane Bronkhorst guided a client from Europe on this 60 pounder elephant hunt. The Gonarezhou remains the best place to hunt for trophy elephant bulls and trophy buffalo bulls. There was a 90 pounder hunted in the Gonarezhou two weeks ago in the concession next door to ours.

A repeat client from South Africa managed to hunt this proper old dagga boy buffalo in April with PH Simon Dzingai in the Gonarezhou safari areas of Zimbabwe, how about this hard boss one horned warrior:

On another recent Gonarezhou hunt a client from Europe hunted this 35 pounder elephant bull and a good hippo bull:

With many more hunts to come for the year please watch out for our next newsletters with hunt updates and photos, and as always please feel free to email me for a quote on a hunt in Zimbabwe, South Africa or Namibia, I do have quota and dates available on most big game hunts.

Please forward our newsletters to your hunting friends.

To our South African clients please remember to visit myself, Steve Meyer and Simon Dzingai at the Huntex hunting expo in Johannesburg from the 25th to the 28th April, we are in Hall 4 stand number 422.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 73


I hope this final newsletter for 2018 finds you well.

(Recent hunt updates and photos are at the bottom of this email)
This has been a great year for Take Aim Safaris and for the clients that have booked with me, the concessions I offer have produced fantastic trophies on unforgettable hunts that were guided by amongst the best Professional Hunters in Africa.  The 2019 price lists for all concessions I offer are on my website, bookings for 2019 have gone well please contact me for a quote on your hunt in Zimbabwe, Namibia or South Africa.

  Some of my 2018 highlights:

  • Zimbabwe: The fact that the Gonarezhou hunting areas have again produced the biggest elephant bulls hunted in Africa with a good number of bulls going over 70 pounds plus an 83 pounder and a 95 pounder (both hunted on hunts that I booked) make the Gonarezhou hunting areas the number 1 destination in Africa to hunt for trophy elephant bulls, year after year the Gonarezhou hunting areas consistently produce these results.

    The elephant bull quota for all of the Gonarezhou hunting areas combined does not exceed 25 bulls per annum with no elephant cows on quota at all, this is a very conservative quota considering that the Trans Frontier National Park that includes and incorporates the Gonarezhou National Park has an estimated +25.000 elephants that roam freely in the general area. The high tusk weight/pound average that the Gonarezhou hunting areas produce (getting higher) can be attributed in part to the massive elephant population that exists here, of course genes play a major role so does available browsing (nutrient value) and available water (good) combined with ideal terrain, the Trans Frontier National Park is for the most part quite flat.

  • Dagga boy buffalo movement in the Gonarezhou hunting areas is getting better and better all the time. This year has been no different in fact fantastic is the best word to describe the Gonarezhou buffalo hunts with no indication of things slowing down. Sadly (for those who have not booked) there is not much quota left for 2019, if you intend to book a Gonarezhou buffalo or elephant hunt you will need to be fast. The dagga boys love the Zimbabwe side of Crooks Corner (Sengwe 1 and 2) as there are no lions around and no poaching on the Zim side, plenty of grazing and very few local people around make this perfect buffalo bull country, be ready to shoot your bull at any distance between 5 and 50 meters in the Limpopo River Jess bush where these bulls live.

    To read more about the Gonarezhou hunting concessions I offer and see maps of the area plus camp photos please follow this link: GONAREZHOU HUNTING AREA.

  • Matetsi ECA: WOW….. What 3rd generation PH Steve Meyer and his PH team Zane Bronkhorst and Adriaan Van Heerden have done over the past 5 years in the Matetsi ECA is nothing short of amazing, the Matetsi ECA also known as Matetsi Unit 8 by the locals is now amongst the most successful of all the Matetsi Units.

    Matetsi ECA is a first class free range, fair chase hunting destination with enough hunting options available to keep a hunting group busy on a 21 day hunt.. Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, sable, hippo, crocodile and plains game are all found in abundance, come and see for yourself. During your hunt we will take you to see the world famous Victoria Falls.

    No charter flights are necessary to hunt in Matetsi, Sekebelo main camp is 20 minutes’ drive from Victoria Falls International Airport. There is NO REASON not to book the Matetsi ECA. Night hunting of nocturnal species such as lion and leopard is allowed in the Matetsi ECA.

    To read more about the Matetsi ECA hunting area and see camp photos plus maps please follow this link: MATETSI ECA HUNTING AREA

    Book now, why wait as our 2019 quota is selling fast.

  • Namibia: After 11 years of working full time in the hunting industry, during that time having focused exclusively on selling hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa it pleases me to have concluded marketing agreements with two of Namibia’s top hunting Outfitters for my clients to hunt these wonderful concessions in fantastic Namibia.

    These Namibian concessions are top leopard and plains game country please contact me for more information on these hunts, please be fast to secure a 2019 Namibia leopard hunt. To read concession information and see camp photos please follow these links: 1: OTJIWARONGO HUNTING AREA   2: OMARURU HUNTING AREA.

  • South Africa: During 2018 I booked a good number of big game hunts in South Africa, it seems this is sign of things to come as South Africa remains a superb hunting destination with many top class PH’s. Prices of South African hunts are very good value for money. For information on the fair chase hunting areas I offer in South Africa please follow these links:  1: LIMPOPO SERENGETI HUNTING AREA   2: PHILIPPOLIS HUNTING AREA.

  Please visit me at any of these hunting expos during 2019

  • SCI 9-12 January 2019 Booth #5215 (Reno, USA)
  • HSCF 25-27 January 2019 Booth #350 (Houston, USA)
  • Jagd & Hund 29 January – 3 February 2019 #Hall 7 stand D28 (Dortmund, Germany)
  • Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei 21st – 24th  February 2019 (Salzburg/Austria) (Mistral Stand)
  • Huntex Thursday 25 April 2019 – Sunday 28 April 2019 Hall 4 # 416 (Johannesburg/South Africa)
  • Please email me to set up an appointment to discuss your own or your clients hunts at any of these expos

Onto recent hunt updates: Since my last newsletter in September we have guided these 10 buffalo hunts, 2 trophy elephant bulls, hippo, tuskless elephant, crocodile, sable and lots of plains game:

In Matetsi during October: A father and son from Europe that hunted with Steve Meyer on this plains game hunt managed these great trophies: what a stunning bushbuck and magnificent wild sable.

Also in Matetsi during October/November clients from Europe hunted with Steve Meyer and Zane Bronkhorst, the clients hunted these 4 very nice buffalos and this tuskless elephant plus some plains game. Please take a good look at these nice old buffalos, perfect trophy quality.

Also during October/November this time in the Gonarezhou safari areas of Zimbabwe PH’s Zane Bronkhorst, Simon Dzingai and Matt Pilkington hunted these beautiful trophies with clients from Europe, including this 60 pounder and a  50 pounder elephant plus these great buffalos.

Also during October and November 2018 clients from Europe hunted with RSA PH’s Japie Nel and Philip Craucamp in Limpopo South Africa, these clients had fantastic hunts on this wonderful concession with loads of trophy animals and a 5 star lodge. Stunning nyala bulls, a hippo, crocodiles, very good trophy quality buffalos and even a tsessebe:

Well done and thank you to all the clients, PH’s and camp staff that made our hunts possible during 2018, this has been a successful year we are grateful.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends. My 2019 pricelists and concession information for Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa are all updated and available on my website

I look forward to seeing you at the 2019 hunting shows that start in a few weeks’ time, please be sure to visit me there. Hunters, Agents, PH’s and Outfitters please contact me for all your Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa hunting requirements.

Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed festive season and a prosperous new year.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you in camp in 2019.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 72

Dear Hunting Friends

I trust this penultimate newsletter for 2018 finds you well.

Since my last newsletter on the 17th July 2018 we have conducted some great hunts for our clients from all around the world including 10 buffalo hunts, 4 elephant hunts a wild lion hunt and many others, please scroll down to see the photos from the hunts.

It has been 11 years now years now since I started Take Aim Safaris, I have been working in the hunting industry full time since then. During the past 11 years it has been and remains my pleasure to offer you my clients 1st class hunts in both South Africa and Zimbabwe in fact I have sold hunts to over 400 hunters during that period. Until now I have not considered expanding my hunt offering to my clients to include any other countries.

I have for the past year been researching hunts in Botswana and Namibia in fact I have visited Botswana twice during that period to look at hunts there. As we all know big game hunting on Government concessions is currently closed in Botswana with rumors of elephant hunting opening again amounting to nothing to date, plains game hunting on private land is not closed for hunting although the plains game industry does not seem to be thriving in Botswana for reasons unknown to me.

On the other hand, I have just returned from Namibia having spent the month of August there, during that time amongst visiting tourist destinations I was visiting friends in the safari industry that have been doing hunting business with Take Aim Safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe for some time. I was most impressed with Namibia from a hunting perspective and on that basis have concluded marketing agreements with two top class hunting destinations in Namibia in order that Take Aim Safaris can and will from now on offer clients Namibia as a hunting destination with my main focus being on plains game and leopard hunts. Zimbabwe remains my favoured destination for big game hunts.

Please follow the links at the bottom of this paragraph to read about these Namibian hunting concessions including seeing maps, reading area information, price lists and photos are all available on the TAS website.
I must add here that during the month I was in Namibia I have never seen more foreign tourists in any African country than I saw in Namibia, both hunters and non-hunters alike, every hunting camp I visited was full of foreign hunters, all camps/concessions had more hunters arriving and hunters that had just left. All National Parks, hotels, B&B’s and camp sites were literally full of tourists that were all very comfortable visiting this super safe country that has so much to offer visitors, for more of what I saw and thought please read my county and hunting concession description on the home page of my website and under the Namibia heading.

I am very excited about these well priced top class Namibian hunts that I will be selling on behalf of Namibian Safari Operators. Just for your information neither of these Operators that I represent market at the international hunting shows that I do, you will only get these hunts from Take Aim Safaris.

While I was in Namibia I did some hunting, my sons and I managed to get a Hartman’s Zebra / Mountain Zebra that I have wanted to hunt for some years now and also these two oryx: (note the white stomach on the zebra stallion).

Also during my month in Namibia my good friend Zimbabwean PH Simon Dzingai and I hiked the Fish River Canyon that is the second biggest canyon in the world, this is a 5 day hike covering 85 kilometres. I would highly recommend this hike.

If you would like to see a few photos from the hike and of the canyon please follow this link:

Please follow these links for more information on Namibian hunts:

Onto other recent hunts since my last newsletter all of which were conducted in Zimbabwe by Zimbabwean Professional Hunters:

Firstly a special thanks to my South African clients and countrymen that are dominating our Gonarezhou buffalo hunt bookings, I am now selling + 15 buffalo hunts a year to RSA clients in the Gonarezhou hunting areas.

On a recent hunt conducted in July a long term client and friend, Ernest from South Africa returned for his 5th buffalo hunt with us having also hunted an elephant on a hunt booked with me, on this hunt Ernest shot this very nice dagga boy early in the hunt. It is not uncommon for clients to get their buffalo early in the hunt since the number of buffalo in the Sengwe 1 and 2 concessions is at an all-time high.

In the 10 years that I have been offering these areas I have never seen the number of dagga boy buffalo bulls that we are currently seeing, these bulls are mainly coming from RSA/Kruger National Park that is unfenced over the Limpopo and remain resident in Zimbabwe, of course the Gonarezhou National Park and the Mozambique National Parks that the Sengwe concessions including “Crooks Corner” on the Zimbabwe side are also open and unfenced too serve as feeder parks to the hunting area as well.

Well done Ernest and thanks for this Gonarezhou/Sengwe 1 hunt, looking forward to seeing you again soon:

Repeat client Brian from the USA was guided by Steve Meyer in Matetsi/Zimbabwe, Brian managed to hunt this super solid 41 inch buffalo and a great zebra:

On another recent hunt in Matetsi this time guided by Zimbabwean PH Zane Bronkhorst a client of ours from Europe hunted our second lion that we had on quota for 2018. From the two lion hunts booked in 2018 both were successful. In fact no client of mine has failed on a lion hunt in Matetsi since I started selling hunts there in 2012. If you want to hunt a wild lion there is no better place than Matetsi to hunt a free roaming wild lion, in fact the Matetsi ECA is in my opinion better for cats than the Units as night hunting for these nocturnal species is permitted in the Matetsi ECA whereas night hunting is not permitted at all in the Matetsi Units (Matetsi ECA = Extended Conservation Area). Please follow this link to read more about the Matetsi ECA and see a map of the ECA versus the Units and also pictures of the two camps in the ECA:

Take Aim Safaris has access to two Matetsi ECA lion permits a year (and 3 leopard), I do still have one lion permit available for 2019. Don’t delay book now before I sell this hunt at the 2019 hunting shows.

This lone male lion hunt that Zane guided was a very old full mane lion, a perfect lion for hunting.
Take a look at these 3 young males that Zane had feeding and the big male that didn’t come back after feeding one night and finishing the bait. The future of lion hunting in Matetsi is looking superb and is in great hands. Why wait? Book your big game hunt in Zimbabwe now, big game hunting does not get better than Zimbabwe that is also a super safe hunting and holiday destination.

Here is an excerpt from the email I received from the agent (Tony Ulmer) that booked this hunt after the hunt was completed:  “In the meantime I have spoken also on last Friday with the client – and I am really happy to tell you – that he is sooo happy and satisfied with all!!! He also told us, that Zane is the best PH that he ever had – thanks also to Zane, the very professional young man!”

Thanks to Andre from Pretoria/RSA for this buffalo hunt in the Gonarezhou area of Zimbabwe, another superb hard boss bull we achieved for our client, thanks to Nixon Dzingai for guiding the hunt.

RSA clients driving from South Africa, the Sengwe 1 camp is 150 kms drive from Musina/Beit Bridge, the camp is located on the banks of the Limpopo River overlooking crooks corner on the Zimbabwe side and the Kruger National Park. Book your dagga boy hunt with us, no fences at all these are free range fair chase hunts.

Please follow this link to see Sengwe 1 camp photos taken in August 2018, that is the Limpopo River you see and the Kruger Park in the background that is open and unfenced to the Sengwe hunting areas.

Camp photos for Sengwe 1 are at the bottom of the page under this link to our site:

RSA PH Albert Johnson bought his own buffalo hunt from TAS, he hunted in Sengwe with PH Simon Dzingai. Super solids…

Also in the Gonarezhou Area: RSA PH Joost Pretorius booked an elephant hunt from me for his client, the client from Europe managed to hunt this 35 pounder elephant bull. Thanks Joost for the booking, we are looking forward to seeing you again in October for your two buffalo hunts.

In Matetsi on a recent hunt we welcomed two clients from Bulgaria that I booked in Dortmund last year for elephant hunts, they both got their elephants plus they got this hyena and these small cats. These 10 day Matetsi elephant hunts at around 25.000 USD should not be overlooked as great value for money hunts. Thanks to PH’s Steve Meyer and Zane Bronkhorst for guiding the hunts.

In the Sengwe 1 area of the Gonarezhou we welcomed back Marius from RSA on his 4th buffalo hunt booked with me, Marius as always was well received by the locals and had a great time on his hunt with PH Simon Dzingai, during the hunt they managed to hunt this very nice old dagga boy buffalo, thanks Marius:

During September we welcomed two hunters from Europe to Matetsi that I booked in Germany, these hunters booked a big bag of animals they wished to hunt, this was a 14 day hunt for 4 buffalo, an elephant bull, a sable and plains game plus the agent that booked the hunt from me also wanted to hunt a buffalo, the hunt was conducted in the Matetsi ECA by PH’s Steve Meyer and Zane Bronkhorst, the clients managed to get all 4 of their buffalos and the agent got his buffalo plus the elephant (40 pounder) and sable plus the plains game they wanted, here are some photos from the hunt: (Nice old buffalos).

As far as the rest of the season goes I have another 7 Gonarezhou buffalo hunts booked plus two late season trophy elephant bull and buffalo hunts in the Naivaisha/Mahenye and Sengwe 1&2 areas, I am hoping for another two 2018 big elephant bulls on these hunts to follow up on my clients 85 pounder in March and 95 pounder in April. Plus a big group from Lithuania coming for crocodile and hippo plus plains game and small cats in RSA. As you can see there is still LOTS of hunting to come for the year ahead with lots of dates and quota still available.

If you want to book contact me now, no reason to wait.

Please watch out for my final newsletter for the year in a few months’ time that will include 2019 pricing, I am working on revised/lower pricing for RSA and on keeping my Zimbabwe prices the same as they are, of course these Namibian prices are valid for 2019.
Anyone booking now for 2019 will get 2018 prices for their hunt.

I will be attending these international hunting shows in 2019 and invite you to come and discuss your hunt or your clients hunt with me in person:

  • SCI in Reno USA booth numbers # 5215 and 5217.
  • In Germany/Dortmund Hall 7 stand D28.
  • In Salzburg with Tony Ulmer/Mistral in the centre of the main hall, you won’t miss Mistral once you arrive in the main hall.
  • In South Africa at Huntex in JHB Hall 4 stand # 416 as always pull in boys lets hunt some buffalo.

Hunters, Agents, Outfitters, PH’s please contact me for all your South Africa, Zimbabwe and now Namibia hunt bookings. I have quota and dates available for 2018/2019 and beyond, book early to get the dates and quota you want.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 71

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well, since my last newsletter two months ago we have had some great hunts to report back on including another trophy elephant bull and a couple of great dagga boys, please read on: I have just returned from Botswana where I hunted plains game on a 100.000 hectare hunting concession that comprises of multiple low fence cattle farms that all have loads of wild game on them, the camp is good, food is great = this is free range fair chase hunting that reminds me very much of the old days growing up in and hunting in South Africa, I am working on marketing rights and a price list for these Botswana plains game hunts and will update you in due course. Also interesting is the indications that Botswana will be re-opening elephant hunting later this year for the 2019 season and beyond, you can be sure that when this happens I will endeavour to get quota on these bulls for my valued clients. I will update you accordingly.

Onto recent hunts:

In my last newsletter I mentioned that another big elephant had just been hunted on a hunt that I booked, here are the photos and confirmation of the bull that was hunted in April 2018: initial estimates put this bull at over 100 pounds per tusk…. The official weight of these tusks was just shy of 100 pounds per tusk @ 95 pounds and 93 pounds respectively making this bull a very respectable solid 90 pounder and the biggest elephant hunted in Africa this year so far that I know of taking that title from the 85 pounder that my client shot earlier this year a month before this bull was shot in the same area. This trophy bull as per the last one was hunted in the Gonarezhou Safari Area Naivaisha guided by Zim PH Lloyd Yeatman and assisted by RSA PH Russ Field who booked the hunt from me.

On another recent hunt in Zimbabwe, this time in Matetsi a client of ours from the USA hunted this very good hard boss buffalo with Zim PH Zane Bronkhorst:

On another recent hunt this time in RSA, a client from Europe hunted this very nice hard boss buffalo plus roan and nyala with PH Riaan Lourens:

Lastly whilst I was in Botswana I hunted this 55 inch kudu bull with my sons Hunter and Luke, a great bull.. Great hunt… Lots of these big bulls around those parts… please contact me if you want to jump the que and book your plains game hunt in Botswana.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends, please contact me for more information about hunting in Southern Africa. As for me I am off to Namibia in August for a few weeks with my good friend Zim PH Simon Dzingai, we are going to hike the Fish River Canyon and so some hunting, from Namibia I am off to Botswana again in search of elephant quota for when elephant opens again in Botswana then onto Zimbabwe to visit Matetsi and the Gonarezhou to see the new hunting areas Mahenye and Bothmans that have as of 2018 become available for my clients to book and hunt, please email me for more information and standby for updates later in the year.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight