I hope this 87th edition of the Take Aim Safaris newsletter finds you well.

Since my last newsletter sent out in January 2022 clients of TAS have had early season hunting success in the Gonarezhou hunting areas Sengwe 1 and 2 plus Naivaisha, the early season movement was not as strong as it has been in previous years although some good bulls were hunted, my take on the revision of high vs low seasons has a lot to do with the high rainfall we are having year on year lately. Going back to 2007 when I started operating in the Gonarezhou hunting areas the rainfall was considerably less during the late part of the rainy season, now we have more and more late rain, even consistent flooding that keeps the Limpopo River full and flowing for many months of the year, that flooding stops the elephant and buffalo movement over/across the Limpopo from the Kruger National Park into the Sengwes, this is a new (to me) phenomenon, what I have noticed more and more is that the late season hunts on elephant and buffalo are getting better and better, many big bulls are being hunted late season, say from July to November before the rains start is the new prime time. Interesting, a changing world we are living in.

Corona and now the war in Europe have definitely affected our bookings, I suppose added to this is the fact that there have been no European hunting shows since 2020, even then those shows were not good as Corona hit us just after that, the bulk of my bookings, especially on elephant come from European clients, that said, we carry on… Hunters are resilient, those that want to hunt seem to make it here one way or another, when you do get here you will find a reliable partner in TAS ready to conduct your hunt.

Since January we have done the following hunts, including taking these two super dagga boys, a 60 pounder, a 50 pounder and a 40 pounder elephant:

I do have quota available on buffalo and elephant in the Gonarezhou hunting areas Sengwe 1 and 2, please contact me for more information. Our Matetsi hunts are about to start, look out for hunt updates from Matetsi and also further hunt updates from Gonarezhou hunting areas.

As for me I am currently based in Botswana developing the most beautiful game reserve and luxury hotel for German clients of mine, Lotsane Safaris, a truly amazing place that will be open for limited hunting in time to come, when that does happen I will update you.

To all our RSA clients that plan to attend Huntex next week, you will find TAS at Huntex where you can book your free range, fair chase buffalo, elephant, hippo and croc hunts with us for Sengwe 1 and 2 areas of Zimbabwe, 150 kms north east of Musina, come see us there or send me an email or whats app for more in +27-82-749-1747 as you may know Beit Bridge is now open for holiday travel.

Thanks for taking the time to read and share my newsletters with your hunting friends, Hunters, Agents, PH’s and Outfitters are all welcome to contact me for your Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe hunting requirements.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747