Newsletter 58

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Since my last newsletter on the 19th of August 2016 we have had some very good hunts to update you on, late season movement is excellent now would be the perfect time to book your big game hunt. watch out for my late season newsletters that will be full of great hunts yet to come.

On a hunt that ended on the 6th of September a client of ours from Europe that hunted with PH Nixon Dzingai managed to get these great trophies in the Gonarezhou Safari areas:

This massive body 45 pounder elephant was hunted in Sengwe 1:


This hard boss dagga boy was hunted in Sengwe 2 area:


This nyala was hunted in Malipati Safari area:


Hunters take note that when you book with me to hunt any one of these Gonarezhou concessions you have traversing rights between the concessions as these three concessions are all owned and operated by the same Operator, these concessions form part of an approximate 300.000 hectare hunting area that is open and unfenced to the Gonarezhou National Park, The Kruger National Park and the Mozambique National Park, our hunting area includes the famous Crooks Corner on the Zimbabwe side. You can see camp pictures for the 3 concessions camps: Malipati, Dumisa (Sengwe 2) and Kwala-Kwala (Sengwe 1) by following this link: . You can also see geographical maps of the area by following the same link.

These areas are getting better and better from a game movement perspective as the game numbers in the adjoining National Parks explode into the hunting areas, I cannot over emphasise this point enough that these areas are getting better and better.

If you are interested in a Gonarezhou Safari area trophy elephant bull hunt combined with a leopard and or a buffalo or two then contact me, hippo, croc and nyala are also all on quota and available on this hunt. We have a gap open during our late season prime time dates 04 November to 18 November 2016 to hunt with and be guided by Nixon Dzingai.

On a recent hunt in the Limpopo Province of RSA that I guided myself I hunted with long term TAS clients that have booked many hunts from me over the years, this 21 year old huntress managed a perfect 1 shot kill from her .404 Jeffrey on this dagga boy buffalo, she managed another perfect shot on this 29 inch waterbuck bull. Well done and thanks to you all. Looking forward to your elephant…



On the same hunt my client Matt hunted this trophy roan antelope, Matt has done some serious hunting with me over the years and on hunts booked with me, in fact Matt will be my first client to start and finish his big 5 and dangerous 7 on hunts booked with my company,  he already has 2 buffalo, a monster leopard, a 45 pounder elephant bull, wild male lion, hippo and croc on Lake Kariba, sable and now roan + a big % of the general plains game what remains is his rhino, if Matt hunts his rhino I will send out a newsletter dedicated to the big 5 and dangerous 7 he has hunted. Well done on this roan, thanks Matt thanks Dave.


This old warthog had a broken back leg and was a good one to take.


This buffalo was also hunted in Sengwe 1 on a recent hunt in September, the client on this hunt was from South Africa, the PH was Simon Dzingai. Another great hard boss bull.


Let’s talk Matetsi:

Let me start by saying that the Matetsi ECA (environmental conservation area) is a fantastic hunting area that has gotten better and better over the past few years under Stephen Meyer and Talmage Alexander both of whom are 3rd generation Zimbabwean Professional hunters, both of whom are currently training their sons to be the 4thgeneration Zimbabwean Professional hunters from their respective family’s. The ECA is as good as any of the Matetsi Units under its current management, a big plus is that the ECA hunts sell at a lesser price than the unit hunts where concession fees are through the roof. Any client wanting to hunt lion, leopard, hyena or any of the other nocturnal species can do so at night legally in the Matetsi ECA, besides the nocturnal hunts the area is full of buffalo, plains game and elephant. My partner Operators are amongst the best of the best when it comes to guiding in Zim this applies not only to Matetsi but also to the Gonarezhou. There is no reason not to hunt these areas if you want the best that Zimbabwe has to offer at the best price possible.

We have 1 lion left on quota for 2016 in Matetsi, contact me if you want this lion hunt.

You can see pictures of our two camps in Matetsi by following this link, you can also see area maps and read area info:

While you are on my site take a look at Binga that is great for hippo and massive crocs plus elephant andthe tiger fishing is great.

On recent hunts guided by Steve and Talmage they managed these fine trophies.

This 35 pounder old bull was hunted in the ECA by a client from Europe:


This buffalo, kudu, bushbuck, and hyena were hunted in the Matetsi ECA by a client from the USA with Steve.





As always a big thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and for passing them onto your hunting friends.
Please contact me for hunt bookings in Zimbabwe or South Africa.

Best regards and thanks

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747