Jono SCI Interview

Jono’s passion for Africa, conservation and nature combined with love for the outdoors led him to become a Professional Hunter. Growing up in Southern Africa, he learned about hunting the African Bushveld from his father and uncles. Jono describes himself as a second generation African Bushveld craftsman. His father, a businessman, though an avid hunter, is not a PH.

In Jono’s early years his uncle Neville, a PH based in Namibia, was his mentor. Family hunting trips, conducted across Southern Africa, gave him in-depth knowledge of the conditions and the terrain.

Jono hunts all across Southern Africa – South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.  Amazing and interesting areas in South Africa will satisfy all hunters from the novice to the most experienced.

In Zimbabwe, hunting areas Gonarezhou and Matetsi are among the best of the free-range fair chase areas.  In Namibia, a family ranch of 12,000 hectares is run by Jono’s uncle. Hunts are offered on their ranch situated three hours from Windhoek near Otjiwarongo. The low fence ranch forms part of a 100,000-hectare conservancy that is free-range fair chase hunting for plains game and leopard.

As a double rifle fanatic and fully licensed PH, Jono’s special interest is in big game, dangerous game hunting. He is a partner in JWK Safaris, which has guided more than 500 big game hunts for various species, including nearly 250 buffalo, 150 elephant, 30 leopard, 60 hippo and 30 lion.

Excitement is always high with plains game hunts. Jono contends that record qualifies JWK Safaris team as big game specialists, an opinion shared by their clients. Jono comments on JWK’s operation: “Though there are many outfitters, I consider myself and our outfit amongst the upper echelon of what is offered in Southern African hunting. I am a young, enthusiastic, honest, well-educated PH possessing the ability to satisfy clients by meeting their expectations. Traits that make a safari successful.”

When afield, Jono reveals his choice of firearms: “I am a competition award-winning double rifle fanatic. I carry a .500 Nitro Express Heym rifle because for me, there is no better double rifle on the market. I also own a Blaser .470 Nitro Express double that I use often. This rifle has been my go-to for some time and is exceptionally accurate.

On plains game hunts, I use a .300 WM or .375 H&H. From a caliber perspective, I really like the big bore rifles shooting heavy bullets that allow you to finish definitively, ending any dangerous situation you encounter. I have an affinity for double rifles and really enjoy shooting them. It’s a personal choice.

My advice to clients is when selecting your big game hunting rifle, is it is not a choice to make lightly. Make sure you can hit the mark with whatever rifle you choose and you will be fine. Shot placement is the number one rule above everything else. Practice shooting as much as possible and be confident with your rifle no matter which caliber it is.

“I shoot 200-plus double rifle shots a month at the shooting range on our own ranch in South Africa and I load my own ammunition,” he explained. His tracking dog, Gypsy, has been with Jono for nine years and hunts with him when he guides.

Having guided all of his adult life, beginning with plains game on the family farm and progressing to a PH in his late 20s and early 30s, Jono has had many varied adventures.  Recounting the thrills and spine-tingling excitement of every hunt, Jono commented,

“To pin one experience as the most memorable would be difficult,” he said. “Charges by dangerous game are unwanted, but exciting. Suffice to say I am grateful for every hunt and thankful to every client who has hunted with me and us at JWK Safaris.”

A member and committee member of PHASA (Professional Hunting Association of South Africa), Jono is involved in many special projects ranging from fighting the battle against poaching and educating anti-hunters to providing homes for underprivileged families. PHASA is a strong community that gives generously. JWK works with SCI and thanks SCI for the continued valued support.

JWK Safaris donates meat from hunts to local communities and employs staff from them. Dollars from clients’ hunts have built schools, drilled boreholes and provided medical care.  Jono invites anyone who would like to get involved in charity or anti-poaching programs to contact him.

JWK Safaris is a main event exhibitor at SCI Conventions and the team are SCI individual members. Cape buffalo hunts have been donated to SCI for sale at auctions and for fundraising. “Our relationship with SCI is constantly evolving and developing. We are grateful to be a part of the big show and be able to showcase and offer our hunts to SCI members,” Jono remarked.

Newsletter 73


I hope this final newsletter for 2018 finds you well.

(Recent hunt updates and photos are at the bottom of this email)
This has been a great year for Take Aim Safaris and for the clients that have booked with me, the concessions I offer have produced fantastic trophies on unforgettable hunts that were guided by amongst the best Professional Hunters in Africa.  The 2019 price lists for all concessions I offer are on my website, bookings for 2019 have gone well please contact me for a quote on your hunt in Zimbabwe, Namibia or South Africa.

  Some of my 2018 highlights:

  • Zimbabwe: The fact that the Gonarezhou hunting areas have again produced the biggest elephant bulls hunted in Africa with a good number of bulls going over 70 pounds plus an 83 pounder and a 95 pounder (both hunted on hunts that I booked) make the Gonarezhou hunting areas the number 1 destination in Africa to hunt for trophy elephant bulls, year after year the Gonarezhou hunting areas consistently produce these results.

    The elephant bull quota for all of the Gonarezhou hunting areas combined does not exceed 25 bulls per annum with no elephant cows on quota at all, this is a very conservative quota considering that the Trans Frontier National Park that includes and incorporates the Gonarezhou National Park has an estimated +25.000 elephants that roam freely in the general area. The high tusk weight/pound average that the Gonarezhou hunting areas produce (getting higher) can be attributed in part to the massive elephant population that exists here, of course genes play a major role so does available browsing (nutrient value) and available water (good) combined with ideal terrain, the Trans Frontier National Park is for the most part quite flat.

  • Dagga boy buffalo movement in the Gonarezhou hunting areas is getting better and better all the time. This year has been no different in fact fantastic is the best word to describe the Gonarezhou buffalo hunts with no indication of things slowing down. Sadly (for those who have not booked) there is not much quota left for 2019, if you intend to book a Gonarezhou buffalo or elephant hunt you will need to be fast. The dagga boys love the Zimbabwe side of Crooks Corner (Sengwe 1 and 2) as there are no lions around and no poaching on the Zim side, plenty of grazing and very few local people around make this perfect buffalo bull country, be ready to shoot your bull at any distance between 5 and 50 meters in the Limpopo River Jess bush where these bulls live.

    To read more about the Gonarezhou hunting concessions I offer and see maps of the area plus camp photos please follow this link: GONAREZHOU HUNTING AREA.

  • Matetsi ECA: WOW….. What 3rd generation PH Steve Meyer and his PH team Zane Bronkhorst and Adriaan Van Heerden have done over the past 5 years in the Matetsi ECA is nothing short of amazing, the Matetsi ECA also known as Matetsi Unit 8 by the locals is now amongst the most successful of all the Matetsi Units.

    Matetsi ECA is a first class free range, fair chase hunting destination with enough hunting options available to keep a hunting group busy on a 21 day hunt.. Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, sable, hippo, crocodile and plains game are all found in abundance, come and see for yourself. During your hunt we will take you to see the world famous Victoria Falls.

    No charter flights are necessary to hunt in Matetsi, Sekebelo main camp is 20 minutes’ drive from Victoria Falls International Airport. There is NO REASON not to book the Matetsi ECA. Night hunting of nocturnal species such as lion and leopard is allowed in the Matetsi ECA.

    To read more about the Matetsi ECA hunting area and see camp photos plus maps please follow this link: MATETSI ECA HUNTING AREA

    Book now, why wait as our 2019 quota is selling fast.

  • Namibia: After 11 years of working full time in the hunting industry, during that time having focused exclusively on selling hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa it pleases me to have concluded marketing agreements with two of Namibia’s top hunting Outfitters for my clients to hunt these wonderful concessions in fantastic Namibia.

    These Namibian concessions are top leopard and plains game country please contact me for more information on these hunts, please be fast to secure a 2019 Namibia leopard hunt. To read concession information and see camp photos please follow these links: 1: OTJIWARONGO HUNTING AREA   2: OMARURU HUNTING AREA.

  • South Africa: During 2018 I booked a good number of big game hunts in South Africa, it seems this is sign of things to come as South Africa remains a superb hunting destination with many top class PH’s. Prices of South African hunts are very good value for money. For information on the fair chase hunting areas I offer in South Africa please follow these links:  1: LIMPOPO SERENGETI HUNTING AREA   2: PHILIPPOLIS HUNTING AREA.

  Please visit me at any of these hunting expos during 2019

  • SCI 9-12 January 2019 Booth #5215 (Reno, USA)
  • HSCF 25-27 January 2019 Booth #350 (Houston, USA)
  • Jagd & Hund 29 January – 3 February 2019 #Hall 7 stand D28 (Dortmund, Germany)
  • Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei 21st – 24th  February 2019 (Salzburg/Austria) (Mistral Stand)
  • Huntex Thursday 25 April 2019 – Sunday 28 April 2019 Hall 4 # 416 (Johannesburg/South Africa)
  • Please email me to set up an appointment to discuss your own or your clients hunts at any of these expos

Onto recent hunt updates: Since my last newsletter in September we have guided these 10 buffalo hunts, 2 trophy elephant bulls, hippo, tuskless elephant, crocodile, sable and lots of plains game:

In Matetsi during October: A father and son from Europe that hunted with Steve Meyer on this plains game hunt managed these great trophies: what a stunning bushbuck and magnificent wild sable.

Also in Matetsi during October/November clients from Europe hunted with Steve Meyer and Zane Bronkhorst, the clients hunted these 4 very nice buffalos and this tuskless elephant plus some plains game. Please take a good look at these nice old buffalos, perfect trophy quality.

Also during October/November this time in the Gonarezhou safari areas of Zimbabwe PH’s Zane Bronkhorst, Simon Dzingai and Matt Pilkington hunted these beautiful trophies with clients from Europe, including this 60 pounder and a  50 pounder elephant plus these great buffalos.

Also during October and November 2018 clients from Europe hunted with RSA PH’s Japie Nel and Philip Craucamp in Limpopo South Africa, these clients had fantastic hunts on this wonderful concession with loads of trophy animals and a 5 star lodge. Stunning nyala bulls, a hippo, crocodiles, very good trophy quality buffalos and even a tsessebe:

Well done and thank you to all the clients, PH’s and camp staff that made our hunts possible during 2018, this has been a successful year we are grateful.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends. My 2019 pricelists and concession information for Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa are all updated and available on my website

I look forward to seeing you at the 2019 hunting shows that start in a few weeks’ time, please be sure to visit me there. Hunters, Agents, PH’s and Outfitters please contact me for all your Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa hunting requirements.

Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed festive season and a prosperous new year.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you in camp in 2019.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747