Newsletter 57

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Since my last newsletter on the 27th July we have had some great hunts to update you on, as you can see buffalo hunts are dominating my mid-season bookings with 15 buffalo bulls being hunted during the months of July and August between the different concessions I offer. My last newsletter had 7 of those bulls on it, this one has the next 8 bulls that were all hunted in the last few weeks. The next few weeks have more buffalo hunts plus roan, elephant, hippo and a leopard hunt to come so watch out for my next newsletter.

This business is all about reputations and repeat clients, this hunter from RSA has hunted an elephant bull on a hunt booked with me and so has his son, he returned this month to hunt a buffalo in the Gonarezhou Safari Area, thanks for the 3rd hunt booked with me Tok and congrats on this very good dagga boy that was guided by veteran Zim PH Nixon Dzingai:


Another RSA client hunted the Gonarezhou Safari Areas, this hunt was guided by PH Simon Dzingai, they hunted this very good buffalo:


Clients from Europe hunted these two buffalos in the Matetsi ECA with Steve Meyer and Talmage Alexander:




An American client hunted this 42 inch hard boss bull in the Gonarezhou Safari Areas with PH Nixon Dzingai:


Another RSA client hunted the Gonarezhou Safari Areas during August and managed to hunt this buffalo bull with PH Lloyd Yeatman:


Also during August Steve Meyer guided another client from Europe who hunted this buffalo bull:


The man in the photo is Steve’s tracker.

Lastly for this newsletter this client from America hunted this buffalo in the Gonarezhou Safari Area also with PH Nixon Dzingai:


That’s 15 successful buffalo hunts in the last 2 months with 1 more buffalo hunt to come in August. If you want to hunt areas that are fantastic for big game then contact me. I have quota and dates available for 2016 plus our 2017 bookings are open and going well.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter and pass it onto your hunting friends.

Best regards and thanks

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747