Newsletter 70

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this email finds you well and a big welcome to the 70th edition of my newsletters a milestone for me spanning over more than 10 years and 400+ big game trophies harvested to date including nearly 200 buffalos and over a 100 elephants plus lions, leopards, hippos, crocs, rhinos and sables plus a great many plains game that are in addition to the 400+ big game species. You can see the majority of these wonderful trophies harvested by clients from all over the world by following this link: When you book with Take Aim Safaris you will get the hunt the booked with no-nonsense.

Since my last newsletter on the 22 March 2018 we have had some fantastic hunts and have been fortunate enough to guide clients from all over the world in their hopes of hunting the trophy of their dreams, as you can see we have again delivered on our clients expectations.

During March 2018 we welcomed a father and son from Spain on a buffalo and plains game hunt in RSA, this hunt was guided by PH Riaan Lourens in the North West province of South Africa, our client shot a very nice hard boss buffalo and some trophy quality plains game:

During April we welcomed a client from the USA on a leopard hunt with us in our Matetsi ECA concession of Zimbabwe, this hunt was guided by Zimbabwean PH Zane Bronkhorst our client shot a very nice tom cat and some great plains game including a trophy waterbuck that I don’t have a photo of yet.

Also during April in the Matetsi ECA this fantastic wild lion was taken by a lucky client, this is the first of two lion hunts sold in the Matetsi ECA for 2018. We do still have an option for a 3rd lion permit of you are interested in a wild lion hunt in arguably the best lion country in Africa then please contact me. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF THESE TWO ROUGE MALE LIONS COMING TO THE BAIT.

On another hunt conducted in April this time in the Gonarezhou Safari area PH Nixon Dzingai guided a client of ours from Europe on an elephant hunt, Nixon and the client managed to hunt this very nice 60 pounder elephant bull and a hippo that I don’t have a photo of.

During April PH Joost Pretorius guided a client of ours from Europe on this plains game hunt in RSA. These RSA hunts are very well priced and are great fun with lots of species available to be hunted, great value for money:

During May I hunted on our Philippolis concession with Zim PH’s Steve Meyer and Simon Dzingai, we worked together at the RSA hunting expo then went hunting together after that. We had a great time (as always) and got these very good trophies including a 43 inch sable that I hunted. Steve brought his family and a good time was had by all. I must say here that if you want to hunt one of the best areas that RSA has to offer from a hunting perspective then look no further than our Philippolis hunting concession that is over 14.000 hectares in extent (you will literally walk your arse off) with no internal fences and over 4000 head of game on the property including over 60 buffalo bulls and 60 sable bulls all of different ages plus cape mountain zebra to mention but a few of the species that occur here. There are two lodges on the hunting area, a main camp that is 4 star luxury and my personal favourite an African bush camp nestled into the mountains, please follow this link to see photos of the area that is situated 2 hours drive South of Bloemfontein:

(RSA PH (me) guiding the Zim PH’s…… hahahahahaha, doesn’t happen often)

Lastly another personal milestone for me: I have been taking my two sons Hunter and Luke with me on hunts since they were very young (during school holidays) however until now neither of them had hunted anything them self. During April my older son Hunter (9 years old) shot his first animal with his .243 he shot this wildebeest that my family and I are eating. I managed this zebra on the same hunt.

Hopefully (for me) by the time I get to newsletter #140 my sons will be guiding these hunts.

Recent news: A foreign client who’s hunt I booked has recently hunted a trophy elephant bull in the Gonarezhou Safari area Naivaisha with Zimbabwean PH Lloyd Yeatman, the bull is estimated at 100 pounds per tusk however the tusk weight is not official yet nor are the trophy photos available to be released to the public yet. I hope to be able to provide you all with photos and more information about that hunt on my next newsletter. If you plan to hunt a trophy elephant bull then the Gonarezhou is the place to hunt and Take Aim Safaris is the company to book with.

As always thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends. I do have hunting quota and hunting dates available in both RSA and Zimbabwe, please contact me for your individual hunt quotation.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 52

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Our hunts have started for the year and I am happy to be able to report that we have had good success on trophy elephant bulls in the Gonarezhou Safari areas that as you know are in my opinion the best areas in Africa to hunt trophy elephant bulls, (and wild trophy buffalo bulls) these areas consistently produce elephant bulls of this quality year after year month after month, in fact it is fair to say that the hunting in the Gonarezhou safari areas of Zimbabwe is getting better and better.

There is almost no poaching in the Gonarezhou thanks mainly to the hard work of the National Parks Scouts and the hunting Operators anti poaching personal that control and patrol the Gonarezhou National Park and the areas adjoined to the Gonarezhou and KNP Parks that would otherwise be used as staging or hosting areas for poachers to enter the Parks including the Gonarezhou and the Kruger National Park that has many kilometres of unfenced shared boundaries with the Gonarezhou hunting areas, both these parks and the Mozambique National Park benefit from the anti poaching work the hunting Operators do. Without hunters coming to hunt here there would be no hunting Operators and no Operator anti-poaching units, we hunters are conservationists this is an undeniable truth.

I have said it before and I will say it again: In my opinion Zimbabwe is the number 1 hunting destination in Africa today, there is NO REASON why you should not be booking your hunt in Zimbabwe. Of course I believe that the areas I offer my clients are the best that Zimbabwe has to offer and below this text is why.

Without a doubt RSA is a wonderful country to hunt and offers hunters many different hunting options and an abundance of species to hunt, such habitat and species diversity cannot be not found anywhere else in Africa. I am able to offer you both South Africa and Zimbabwe so please contact me for more info.

This 70 pounder elephant was hunted by a European client of ours in the Gonarezhou area (Sengwe 2/Dumisa) during February 2016, the hunt was guided by Zim PH Nixon Dzingai:


This 58 pounder was hunted by a European client of ours also during February in Malipati Safari area, guided by Zim PH Dean Green pictured here with PH Simon Dzingai:


This 75 pounder was also hunted in the Gonarezhou area (Chibedziva), this one was hunted in March by another European client who was guided by Zim PH Steve Meyer:


Hunters let’s be honest with one another here, these are all old bulls that have spread their genes and are age appropriate for hunting, just look at the tusk and body condition to help make your own determination. Of course we cannot promise 70 pounders to every client but you can be sure we are hunting age appropriate animals, you will do the same when you book with us.

This buffalo was hunted by a client from RSA and to be honest not recently but until now I have not had a photo of the buffalo and have not been able to share it with you so I am doing so now. The buffalo was hunted in the Gonarezhou safari areas guided by Zim PH Simon Dzingai.

This hard boss bull measured and un-believable 51 inches in horn width and is age appropriate for hunting. Can this be done again? Would you have said it was possible in the first place? Same story as the 122 pounder we hunted last year? You need to book with us and come hunt your bull.


Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters, I do have quota and hunting dates available on all big game including elephant, leopard, buffalo, lion, hippo, croc, sable and plains game in top concessions in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Clients, agents, PH’s and Outfitters please contact me for more info on our hunts.

With the USA stopping the import of lion trophies into the USA there is a fair amount of 2016 lion hunting quota available, please contact me for a fair priced lion hunt, this may be the year I get my own lion.

For all our RSA clients please visit us at Huntex Hall 4 stand #416 from the 14th to the 17th of April 2016.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight