Newsletter 67

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this last newsletter for 2017 finds you all well, may I also take this opportunity to wish you a happy festive season ahead and thanks for the support during 2017, prior and beyond. All 2018 concession information including price lists are available on our website:

Our concessions include:

  • Matetsi Unit 2
  • Matetsi Unit 5
  • Matetsi ECA
  • Binga
  • Gonarezhou Safari areas (4 camps, 300.000+ hectares)
  • Top class South African hunting areas

A short reminder that you can visit Take Aim Safaris at the following expo’s during 2018:

I have long maintained that the Gonarezhou Safari areas are the perfect place/best place to hunt for trophy elephant bulls and trophy buffalo bulls. During the last 5 years we have hunted two bulls over 100 pounds, one of them was 105 pounds, the next was 122 pounds and now there has been a 132 pounder pick-up, this bull was not hunted, the tusks were found by Parks Rangers inside the Park, this bull surely died of old age but not before passing on his gene. If you are interested in a trophy elephant bull I say the Gonarezhou Safari Areas are the best place to look, here is the 132 pound pick-up:

Onto the recent hunts where a client of ours from Europe hunted this hippo and croc in the Gonarezhou Safari Areas with PH Nixon Dzingai, these river hunts for hippo are always exciting due to the fact that most hippos are hunted on dry land in and around the Lowveld River system.

Also on a recent hunt a client from the USA hunted this trophy 44 inch buffalo bull in Malipati Safari Area, a special thanks to RSA PH Russ Field for the booking:

On another recent hunt a long term client of ours on his family’s 20th + hunt with TAS hunted this very good roan antelope and beautiful lion in the North West Province of RSA, thanks to PH Riaan Lourens for guiding the hunt. These lions hunts are great value for money hunts at about the price of an RSA buffalo hunt:

On the last of our recent hunts PH Talmage Alexander guided a client from the USA in the Matetsi ECA on this buffalo and sable hunt.

Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends, as always please contact me for all your big game hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Hunters best wishes and a fantastic festive season ahead to you all.

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747

Newsletter 62

Dear Hunting Friends

I trust this newsletter finds you well and with lots of hunts booked for the year ahead.

Since my last newsletter on the 20th March we have had some very good hunts to update you on including this massive leopard and this 43 inch wild sable both hunted in our Matetsi ECA concession also known by the locals as Matetsi unit 8 situated in the Western part of Zimbabwe near the Victoria Falls. This hunt was booked and guided by Zimbabwean PH Phil Smythe.

On another Matetsi ECA hunt PH Stephen Meyer guided a client from Europe on this 45 pounder elephant hunt, our first Matetsi elephant bull for 2017.

During April we welcomed a client from the USA on a crocodile hunt in Binga, the client hunted with Zim PH Adrian Van Heerden. I received a stunning letter of commendation and appreciation from the client on Adrian so well done and a special thanks Adrian.

Also during April clients from Europe hunted with us in the Gonarezhou Safari areas guided by PH’s Nixon and Simon Dzingai, the clients shot two buffalos and this very good elephant bull that looks to me to be in the 40 to 50 pound class, I don’t have the official weight with me right now nor do I have a photo of the second buffalo but this one is a real dagga boy, typical of the Gonarezhou in as much that you can shoot a trophy that is superb on any given day.

Now for the real good news… My sons and I just completed this plains game hunt during the recent school holiday:

It is early days in terms of the 2017 hunting season, lots more hunts to come and lots of quota and dates available, please feel free to contact me for booking information. Hunters, Agents, PH’s and Outfitters feel free to contact me for all your big game hunting requirements in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters and forward them to your hunting friends.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747