I trust this 85th version of the Take Aim Safaris newsletter finds you well.

This is my 4th and final newsletter for 2021, that has been a cracker of a hunting year for TAS clients and partner Operators, in fact this year has been my highest pound average on elephant hunts ever, the quality of trophy elephant bulls being taken in our Gonarezhou concessions of Zimbabwe and our NG49 concessions of Botswana are simply put the best in Africa. With next year lined up to be another great hunting year please watch this space for our hunt updates and please contact me if you are interested in booking a hunt.

Our (SSG Safaris) Gonarezhou concession lease has recently been renewed for another 6 years, and my Operator partner in the NG 49 concession of Botswana has also just been given a 5-year lease… here we grow again.

Check it out here:

Since my last newsletter that was sent out in June 2021 it has been a busy few months with TAS clients harvesting these wonderful trophies on top class fair chase hunts.

During the last few days, a client from Europe hunted this 89 and 83 pounder elephant bull in the Gonarezhou hunting area Chibedziwa with PH Zane Bronkhorst, also hunted with this hippo bull:

For those of you that believe that the early season elephants hunts are the only good ones in the Gonarezhou… You are wrong. In the nearly 15 years I have been operating in the Gonarezhou I can conclusively tell you that my clients have hunted this quality of elephant all year around consistently, the elephants here don’t magically disappear after April/May. In fact if I did the calculation we could easily find that the bigger bulls have been shot late season, the adjoining un-fenced National parks get dry late season, the bulls (elephant and buffalo) move into the hunting areas for food, it’s super simple to understand the movement patterns, important not to try and over think things, book and come hunting is the answer.

On a recent hunt conducted in the Matetsi ECA area of Zimbabwe a client from Europe harvested these excellent old bulls on his hunt that was also guided by PH Zane Bronkhorst who has become on of Zim’s top PH’s and a super nice guy to hunt with, well done Zane.

During the 2021 season I booked 3 leopard hunts, all 3 of those hunts were 100% successful (3/3), look at the size of the two Zim cats featured on this newsletter plus the 103 kg cat from Botswana that was featured on my last newsletter, all real monster tom cats:

On another recent hunt, this time in Naivaisha/Gonarezhou PH Lloyd Yeatman guided this client of mine from Europe on this very good leopard:

In the Matetsi ECA Steve Meyer and his team of PH’s guided a 4-hunter group from Europe on this buffalo hunt, all 4 hunters got their buffalo on their 8-day hunt plus a whole host of plains game:

During September I hunted the Zingela reserve in South Africa, I hunted with fellow PH Nico Van Der Merwe, I hunted my 14th buffalo, this 44-inch bull that we estimated at 12 years old, some plains game was also hunted, great place, great people:

Also during September a client of mine hunted Thabatholo in the Limpopo Province of RSA with PH Mark Dedekind, they hunted this 43-inch dagga boy, more great people and a special place to hunt:

As always thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends, if you are interested in a big game hunt in Zimbabwe, Botswana or South Africa for 2022 or beyond please contact me for more information. From my side, I have been super busy in Botswana where a client of mine has bought a beautiful property on the Limpopo River… Lotsane.. There will be limited hunting available on Lotsane in time to come, please watch this space for more information.

I plan to attend the Dortmund and Salzburg hunting shows during 2022 if all goes well and we are allowed to travel from Africa, if you wish to have a meeting with me to plan your Southern African hunt please meet at either of those shows, you can what app me on +27-82-749-1747 or email me on for more info.

I have a big 4 hunt starting in a few days with Nixon and an elephant hunt starting with Lloyd plus a few late season buffalo hunts, I will update you on those hunts early 2022.

Hunters, Agents, Outfitters, PH’s please contact me for all your big game hunting requirements.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight

Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747