Newsletter 69

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well and planning your next hunting trip…

Since my last newsletter our annual international marketing tour has come to an end, we booked a good number of hunts with lots of ongoing enquiries. If you are considering a hunt in either South Africa or Zimbabwe then please send me an email and lets start working on your enquiry.

I have long maintained that our Gonarezhou concessions in the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe are the best place to hunt trophy elephant bulls in today’s Africa, our location adjoined and unfenced to the Kruger National Park, the Gonarezhou National Park and the Mozambique National Park = (the)Trans Frontier Park lends itself to these bulls coming into our areas. The photos don’t lie and tell the actual story:

The Gonarezhou safari areas are also the right place for those of you wanting to hunt a trophy buffalo bull since:

In our concessions it is very possible that you will not only shoot a 70 pounder plus elephant but also a 42, 44 inch + buffalo whilst hunting for dagga boys.

Our areas are well known for bull group hunts and not hunting bulls out of herds nor family groups. If you want to hunt for a trophy elephant bull or a dagga boy buffalo from dagga boy groups or lone bulls then the South Eastern Lowveld of Zimbabwe is the place to do just that….. Where else are you hunting dagga boys and dagga boy groups? Wild buffalo/free roaming/fair chase…. You tell me…

I have said it before that the Gonarezhou is a hard man’s hunt these hunting areas are MASSIVE you need to work for your bull, this is real hunting.
These are well priced hunts (best priced buffalo hunts in Zimbabwe) not to be compared with 5 star overpriced pseudo hunting. Good meals, hot showers, clean sheets, good vehicles and the best PH’s in Zimbabwe plus the best trophies available in today’s Africa are what you can expect when you book the Gonarezhou Safari Areas.

The strengths of the Gonarezhou Safari areas are not limited to elephant and buffalo, hippo and croc are plentiful, leopard is always fantastic in Naivaisha, eland bulls and kudu bulls are moving into the Sengwe TTL from the Kruger Park on a daily basis. Come and hunt along the Limpopo River including the Zimbabwe side of Crooks Corner a seriously nostalgic top area to hunt, these areas are getting better and better as populations explode (thanks to no culling) in the adjoining National Parks. PS: I have a 2018 Gonarezhou Safari Area lion on quota that is not sold.

Our Matetsi ECA concession in 2018 will again produce fantastic lions, leopards, plains game, buffalo and elephant once the hunting starts there later this month, I will keep you updated on those hunts including two lion hunts, remember that my client shot the best lion in Zimbabwe in 2017 in Matetsi with PH Steve Meyer. Dates are available and so is hunting quota, contact me for more information on these hunts. I still have one Matetsi lion and 2 Matetsi leopards for 2018 that are not sold.

If you are interested in a massive crocodile, huge hippo and very nice lodge then come to Binga where our average croc hunted is over 4.2 meters. A combination hunt with fishing and a house boat for few days on Lake Kariba is a great and luxurious holiday. Please check out my website for photos of our Binga lodge, and Victoria Falls that is very close to both Binga and Matetsi. No charter flights are needed to hunt either Binga or Matetsi.

Here are some photos from the 2018 early season Gonarezhou hunts:

Steve Meyer guided this 70+ pounder hunt in the Gonarezhou Safari area Chibedziva during March 2018:

Nixon Dzingai guided this elephant hunt during March 2018 where our client from Europe managed to hunt these two beautiful bulls one of them in the 50 pound range and the other in the +60 pound range, please note the age of these old bulls and the stunning trees in the background, also hunted on this hunt was this great old hippo bull:

The 5th of our early season elephant bulls (1st was on last newsletter, +4 bulls on this newsletter) is this magnificent estimated 90 pounder that was conducted during March 2018 in Naivaisha concession central Gonarezhou. These big bulls have been hunted from North to South of the Gonarezhou Safari areas this year so far. All Gonarezhou concessions are producing top quality trophies. If you are interested in an elephant bull like these ones then look no further than Take Aim Safaris, Gonarezhou. Another strength of the Gonarezhou is the fact that you can hunt buffalo, cats, hippo, croc and plains game whilst you are hunting elephant, most elephant areas especially trophy bull areas only offer elephant within the same area…. Not the case with us. A special thanks to PH Lloyd Yeatman for another trophy elephant bull hunt.

Bookings for 2018 hunts are open and available, contact me for pricing, quota and dates.

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletters and pass them onto your hunting friends.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight
Contact Number: 0027-82-749-1747