Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

This season has started very well, we have had lots of rain in the concession areas in stark contrast to this time last year when we were bracing ourselves for the upcoming drought. This year the rivers are full, the marula fruights that are currently ripe and ripening are plentiful, the maize and sorghum fields are well planted and are flourishing unlike last year where the crops that the locals planted failed for the most part due to no or low rain fall, as I said this is all in stark contrast to this time last year.

What this means to us is that the concession areas are full of lush green trees and bushes, so are the adjoining National Parks, on our side of the boundary there are many ripe marula trees and hundreds of hectares of crops that are going to start becoming ripe over the next month and will continue to ripen and be harvested over the next 3 months, these facts will stimulate fantastic early season elephant bull and buffalo movement into our areas for different reasons such as marula, maize, sorghum and then throughout the latter season dry months the bulls will be moving into our areas for the green trees and bushes on our side. In summary things have not looked this good from a hunting perspective for many years.

Allow me to open this newsletter with what to my knowledge is the biggest elephant shot in Africa so far this year, this bull was hunted by a German client of ours in the Gonarezhou Safari area at the start of March on a hunt guided by PH Nixon Dzingai. This bulls tusks weighed an official weight of 37 and 36 kilograms with tusks 223 and 211 centimetres in length, makes this bull an official 82 pounder.

On other Gonarezhou hunts it has to be said that Steve Meyer has stolen the show, Steve left our European marketing tour early this year to start hunting elephant in the Gonarezhou with clients that were queuing up to start hunting, a case of strike whilst the iron is hot I suppose. The North Western Gonarezhou concession Chibedziva produced the fantastic early season bulls, the movement is still very strong in this area as well as our Southern and South Eastern Gonarezhou concessions.

This 50 pounder was shot in the Maize fields crop raiding as you can see from the photo. This bull was hunted whilst I was in Salzburg at the hunting show, these tusks are 47 and 49 pounds, a great old bull. The client also shot this very good hippo bull in the Gonarezhou area with Steve.

On another recent 2017 Gonarezhou hunt a client from Europe hunted this 60 pounder also with Steve Meyer.

On another March 2017 hunt, I personally guided a client on this 35 pounder elephant bull hunt in South Africa, this was a very big bodied old elephant bull.

This buffalo was hunted in December 2016 in the Matetsi units on another hunt guided by Steve Meyer, I did not have a picture of this bull until now so I decided to add this bull to this newsletter since it was never added before. What a beautiful bull….

To be clear this is a fantastic time to book your 2017 hunts, our Gonarezhou and Matetsi areas are looking fantastic and ready to produce more 1st class results for the 2017 season ahead. Top concessions, top PH’s, top results at the best possible prices is what I do. Please contact me for more information on our areas and hunts.

PH’s, Outfitters, Agents and Clients are all welcome to contact me for bookings.

Thanks for passing my newsletter onto your hunting friends.

Hunters best wishes.