Newsletter 55

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Since my last newsletter on the 30th May we have had some great hunts that I look forward to sharing with you.

A client of ours from Europe hunted this 60 pounder elephant in Matetsi with PH Talmage Alexander, yes that’s what I said a 60 pounder in Matetsi… Combine that with the 44 pounder Steve hunted last month and our 2016 Matetsi average is high, much higher than other areas not known for trophy elephant bulls and making our elephant hunts in Matetsi great value for money at around 25.000 USD including Cities export permits and 10 full hunting days, no pound restrictions on bulls, in fact the bigger the better is what we are after:

Newsletter-55-pic-1On the same hunt this buffalo was shot in Matetsi, so was this bushbuck and sable.
Newsletter-55-pic-2 Newsletter-55-pic-3 Newsletter-55-pic-4Steve Meyer guided another hunter on the same hunt who managed to hunt this buffalo, sable, kudu and waterbuck:
Newsletter-55-pic-5 Newsletter-55-pic-6 Newsletter-55-pic-7 Newsletter-55-pic-8The last two newsletters have been dominated by Matetsi hunts until Simon Dzingai hunted this bull with a client from South Africa, now this is an awesome buffalo, an old warrior that’s for sure:

Newsletter-55-pic-9Well done Jono, I love this bull.

Lastly take a look at this Gonarezhou gene on elephant bulls…..

This photo was taken in May 2016, this bull was not hunted:

Newsletter-55-pic-10If you want a chance to hunt a bull like this then contact me, of course hunting is never easy but this is what we have available in the best trophy elephant bull concessions left in Africa, the Gonarezhou..

As always a big thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter, and please contact me for all your big game hunting requirements in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Client, PH, Outfitter and Agent enquires welcome. Thanks for sharing my newsletter with your hunting friends.

Best regards and thanks

Carl Knight