Dear Hunting Friends

Southern Africa June 2015.

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

I am pleased to be able to share more early season hunting successes with you, this year has been a good year so far with late season hunts looking to produce fantastic results, the low rainfall we experienced end of 2014 and early 2015 prompted the very good early season movement of game out of the National Parks into the unfenced adjoining hunting concessions this game movement will continue into the late season months in fact it will get better and better as the winter months set in.

The Gonarezhou has produced some very big elephants already this year with 2 bulls over 85 pounds being taken plus a good few over 60 and 70 pounds, these bulls were featured on my previous 2015 newsletters that you should have received, if not you can view those newsletters on my website. Gonarezhou buffalo movement is currently very good and will continue until the rains start in December. I still have elephant, buffalo, leopard, hippo, crocodile and plains game on quota in the Gonarezhou for 2015.

Game movement in Matetsi is looking great with PH Talmage Alexander taking this 42 inch sable in Matetsi during May with a European client, the same client also shot this very good crocodile in Binga. I do have quota on elephant, buffalo, leopard, sable, hippo, croc and plains game between both Matetsi and Binga.


Also during May Gonarezhou PH’s Lloyd Yeatman and Simon Dzingai took these two great dagga boy buffalos, this hyena and this very good nyala with clients from South Africa. I haven’t got the measurements yet but one of these buffalos looks well into the mid 40 inch mark to me.

On this hunt the client and the PH’s were tracking an elephant bull when they were confronted by a herd of Gonarezhou elephant cows, young bulls and calf’s, the herd charged the hunting group who in turn shouted and performed at the elephants to get them to turn away, the elephants did turn away at first then decided to come back this time in full charge, this elephant cow was shot in self defence in full charge at a distance of 10 meters. A very close call.


Also during May PH Philip Craucamp took this 60 pounder elephant in the Gonarezhou with an American client. Another client who booked with me shot a 50 pounder elephant also in the Gonarezhou during May, I unfortunately don’t have a picture of that bull yet, I hope I can add that bull to my next newsletter:


In Matetsi during May/June PH’s Steve Meyer and Talmage Alexander once again showed why they are such a highly rated PH’s delivering these results to this happy hunter who managed to shoot this magnificent leopard, this 40 inch sable and this buffalo on an 18 day hunt. Matetsi is amongst Zimbabwe’s top hunting concessions especially for late season hunts. I do have dates and quota available.


If you are interested in a big game hunt in either Zimbabwe, Mozambique or South Africa then please email me for a quote and more info. PH, Outfitter, Client and Agent enquiries welcome. Please share my newsletters with your hunting friends.

Hunt pricelists, area information, camp photos and trophy photos from previous hunts booked with me are all available to be viewed on my website.

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Carl Knight