Newsletter 42

Dear Hunting Friends

Welcome to my second newsletter for 2015 may the hunting season ahead be a good one for you all.

Firstly some more good news from the Gonarezhou area in Zimbabwe: On the 15th February 2015 Zimbabwean Professional Hunter Luke Swartz guided a Take Aim Safaris client on a trophy elephant bull hunt, Luke’s extensive knowledge of the Gonarezhou hunting areas led him to this really old trophy elephant bull with tusks weighing 86 and 80 pounds a great way to start the season for Luke.

newsletter 42 elephants

We are currently in the prime time hunting season for Gonarezhou elephant bull hunts, I do have quota and dates available please contact me for more information about booking your hunt.

I also have quota on lion, leopard, buffalo, sable, hippo, croc, elephant and plains game plus available dates in the Gonarezhou, Matetsi and Binga.

Zimbabwean PH and Operator Lloyd Yeatman for whom I book hunts and have done so for many years sent me these pictures of buffalos he hunted with his clients late season 2014 in his new concessions in the Southern part of Mozambique adjoined to the Kruger Park and the Gonarezhou National Park, these are old buffalos that fact tells me that the hunting pressure is low in these concessions this means to me that this will be a great place to hunt since no one has hunted there for years.

I booked an elephant hunter client of mine with Lloyd into his Mozambican concessions last year, my client shot an 81 pounder and a 51 pounder on the same hunt. The client in question has hunted a great many elephants and all of Africa’s big game many times over and all over Africa, both this client and Lloyd tell me that this is the best area that either of them have ever hunted both from a picturesque and game numbers point of view. I must say that that comment has got me thinking about selling hunts in Mozambique.

As you may or may not know I until now have only offered South Africa and Zimbabwe with the latter being my main market, I do however have a pricelist available for Mozambique so for anyone that would like to hunt these areas that are surely the best that Mozambique has to offer please contact me for the prices. There are lion, elephant, buffalo, hippo, croc, leopard, sable and plains game on quota in good numbers, I do have the quota numbers if you would like them contact me for more info.

Lloyd owns one of the best Gonarezhou concessions that is normally sold out well in advance, him and I have been doing solid business for years so none of the bad Mozambique Operator problems will be encountered I assure you. In addition Lloyd has just gotten two new concessions in Zimbabwe adjoined to the Save Conservancy where he has buffalo, elephant and plains game on quota that we will sell this year so please contact me about those hunts too. You can use my Gonarezhou pricelist for those hunts including my buffalo special offer.

Here are some buff taken in Mozambique late season 2014, in my mind this is what a buffalo should look like:

newsletter 42 buffalo

A reminder to all hunting agents, Outfitters, PH’s and clients to contact me for all your big game hunts. Also please share my newsletters with your hunting friends.

Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletters.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight