Queridos cazadores espanoles 

Si eres una persona de habla hispana y deseas cazar con un cazador profesional espanol en Sudafrica o Zimbabwe, por favor contacta conmigo ya que tengo a mi disposicion cazadores profesionales espanoles para guiarle en su caceria desde el primer contacto y le atenderemos durante su reserva y toda la duracion del safari en espanol.

Los cazadores profesionales que uso poseen una gran experiencia tanto en cacerias de animales de planicies en Sudafrica como cacerias de animales peligrosos en Zimbabwe y Sudafrica

Contacta conmigo para mas informacion.



Dear Hunting Friends

Happy new year to you all, we hope to see you in the Southern African bush at some time during this year on your hunt with us.

This is a short newsletter to show you the early season Elephant movement in the Gonarezhou area of Zimbabwe.

This is the first Elephant shot this year in the hunting concessions I offer in the Gonarezhou the heaviest tusk weighs 75 pounds. This bull was shot on the 8th January 2015.

Elephant photo 2

On the 10th of January whilst patrolling his hunting area a Zimbabwean PH from the Gonarezhou saw this bull inside the hunting area, sadly there was no hunter with him to shoot this very old bull he did however manage to get this photo before the bull walked off. Is this a 100 + pounder? Looks like it to me with the right tusk clearly touching the ground.

To my knowledge the Trans Frontier Park is the only place in Africa that a hunter has a chance to shoot one of these magnificent elephant bulls that have seemingly disappeared into hunting legends and myths. If you want a chance at a bull like this one then contact me to book your Gonarezhou hunt we are currently in the high season for elephant bull hunts.


Hunters, Agents, Outfitters and PH’s contact me for all your Zimbabwean and South African big game hunts for 2015 and beyond, I have quota and dates available on all big game hunts.

South African Leopard Hunt 2015:

I have sold the Leopard hunt I mentioned on my last newsletter, the one in Origstad Mpumalanga.

I have got another Leopard hunt permit available in South Africa with Cities export for 2015, this one is in Hoedspruit in the Limpopo Province, this concession has an 11 kilometre shared boundary to the Greater Kruger Park a very good area for Leopard.

I am confident that whoever buys this hunt is going to shoot a big Leopard.

  • 14 Day hunt @ 1.200 USD per day daily rate
  • Leopard trophy fee 6.500 USD
  • Buffalo can be added for the trophy fee of 9.500 USD
  • Bait animals and plains game available as per my 2015 South African pricelist available on my website

Please contact me if you wish to hunt a Leopard in 2015.

I also have Leopard available in Zimbabwe.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight