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Welcome to the 39th edition of Take Aim Safaris newsletter.

This has been a fantastic year so far for clients that have booked and hunted with Take Aim Safaris in our concessions in South Africa and Zimbabwe, I feel that the pictures speak for themselves both on this newsletter and previous editions. More hunts to come for 2014 include a Zimbabwean lion hunt and more buffalo hunts plus elephant and plains game.

I am happy to announce that in addition to the Gonarezhou, Matetsi, Binga and Nyakasanga concessions in Zimbabwe that I currently offer I have added Zimbabwe’s biggest hunting concession to the list of concession areas I offer, this is the Dande area. I will from 2015 onwards be offering Dande North, East and South that have numerous camps and many different hunting options available including 14 leopards on quota per annum plus lions and all other big game species plus sable are found in big numbers and are on quota, the Dande areas I now offer are 1.400.000 acres or 640.000 hectares in extent. Below this newsletter I have attached more information (extracted from my website) about the Dande and camp pictures. With TAS offering Nyakasanga and now the Dande you can be sure that these are the best concessions that the Zambezi Valley has to offer.  Prices to hunt the Dande are on my website please contact me for more information and for bookings.

Since my last newsletter it has been a busy period where we have been conducting numerous hunts and concluding concession pricing and agreements for 2015 and beyond. Hunters, Agents, PH’s please contact me for your 2015 bookings.

On recent hunts in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe TAS clients got these very good trophies:


Also on recent hunts we got these very good trophies for clients including a 42 inch buffalo and a 55 pounder elephant and two other very good elephant bulls in Matetsi and Binga both in the 40 pound range. Matetsi and Binga are in the west of Zimbabwe near Victoria Falls, excellent concessions.

Pics 2

Here is the information about Dande and camp pictures.


Dande Area Information

Dande Is without doubt amongst the best dangerous game hunting areas in Zimbabwe.

Dande is the largest hunting concession in Zimbabwe @ 1.400.000 acres or 640.000 hectares.

Dande offers more hunting and tracking options to hunters than any other Zimbabwean hunting concession due mainly to the size of the concession and the great numbers of animals that live in the Dande.

There are multiple camps in the area that allow hunters to hunt the entire concession. The annual hunting quota is big due to the size of the area.

These facts/factors are reflected in the cost of hunting the Dande, this is a true Hemmingway style safari.

Hunting the Dande

Dande offers a 100% success rate on elephant bulls and has had the highest Zambezi Valley pound/lbs tusk average for the last 3 years in a row. There are numerous resident elephant bulls in Dande, with an added bonus being the 30 + kilometer boundary that the concession shares with Mozambique which is well worth checking as there are often big elephant bulls coming in from Mozambique.

(NOTE from Carl: Gonarezhou remains my best offered concession for hunting trophy elephant bulls)

Dande is a classic tracking/walk and stalk hunting area that gives you the hunter a very good overall elephant hunting experience. If its tuskless elephant that you are after Dande has hundreds of tuskless elephant and if hunted hard, you will experience numerous approaches and have no problem finding your tuskless elephant or bull elephant for that matter.

Buffalo hunts in the Dande concessions currently offer a near 100% success rate on hard boss buffalo bulls. A nice thing about hunting Dande is that there are large numbers of resident buffalo in the area- both herds and Dagga boy groups which means you will track and see buff every day before shooting your buffalo.

There are far too many lions in the Dande area and with a very conservative lion quota it goes without saying that we have been very successful on lion and lioness, and will continue to do so.

The Valley leopards average out at around the 130lbs mark and are very numerous in Dande, in the last 10 years there has only been two failed leopard hunts and considering that this concession gets 14 leopard tags a year Dande has had plenty of happy leopard hunters!

Lion and Leopard hunting in Dande South is superb, being partly National Parks Safari Area and partly campfire area, which allows hunting after dark the success rate on lion and leopard is close to 100%. The main method of hunting cats is by baits and blinds. This is also one of the few areas left in Africa where lioness can be hunted, this is because of the over population of lion in the area which has necessitated lioness being put on quota as a management tool.

There is a tented camp on the Zambezi river which is used for hippo and crocodile hunting. At this camp you can also catch tiger fish and bream and/or game view from the stunning Mapata Gorge.

Zambezi River Tented Camp

Zambezi river camp

Dande North Main Camp

Dande north main camp

Dande North Second Camp

Dande north second camp

Dande East Camp

Dande east camp

Dande South Camp

Dande south camp

Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletter and pass it onto your hunting friends, please contact me for all your big game hunting requirements for South Africa and Zimbabwe.