Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

Since my 36th newsletter sent out in July we have had some really good hunts and managed to harvest these very good trophies for our clients from around the world. We are looking forward to the African summer that gives us those extra few hours of daylight to hunt in and promotes the movement of the animals out of the National Parks into our adjoined concessions in search of water and the green foods available in the hunting areas, of course the cats follow the animal movement so we should finish strong this year.

The buffalo movement from the Kruger Park and the Gonarezhou National Park into our Southern Lowveld of Zimbabwe hunting area is the best movement we have seen in years, lots of buffalo around so if you’re planning a buffalo hunt this is a perfect time. I also have lion, leopard, elephant, hippo, croc and sable left on quota for 2014.

For all of you that want to hunt trophy elephant bulls, please contact me now as indications are that yearend elephant hunting in the Gonarezhou area will be fantastic. Also remember to book now for early season/maize season elephant bull hunts for 2015.

These four different buffalo were hunted in August in the Gonarezhou area by clients from Hungary and France:

newsletter-37-buffalo-3 newsletter-37-buffalo-2 newsletter-37-buffalo-1 newsletter-37-buffalo-4

This hippo and crocodile were shot in Binga on Lake Kariba during August by clients from America. The Binga area is fantastic for trophy croc and big hippo bulls, also 35 pounder elephants and the occasional buffalo get shot there. We have a 100% success rate on hippo/croc in Binga for the last 3 years.

newsletter-37-hippo-1 newsletter-37-crocodile-1

This buffalo and nyala were shot in South Africa by German clients who were guided by German National and South African PH Malte Glunz. Any German speaking clients that would like to be guided by a German speaking PH please contact me. The second nyala and the zebra were shot by a South African client who also shot a buffalo that was featured on my last newsletter.

newsletter-37-nyala-2 newsletter-37-nyala-1 newsletter-37-zebra-1 newsletter-37-buffalo-5

These 3 buffalos, sable, hyena and plains game were all shot in Matetsi during August.

newsletter-37-waterbuck-1 newsletter-37-sable-1 newsletter-37-buffalo-7 newsletter-37-kudu-2 newsletter-37-hyena-1 newsletter-37-warthog-1 newsletter-37-kudu-1 newsletter-37-buffalo-6 newsletter-37-zebra-2 newsletter-37-waterbuck-2 newsletter-37-buffalo-8 newsletter-37-bushbuck-1

Also on a recent hunt a client shot a 40 pounder elephant with a bow in the Gonarezhou area, I am waiting for pictures and will hopefully send them on my next newsletter. September hunts are for buffalos, elephants, leopard and plains game. Watch out for my next newsletter.

Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter and pass it onto your hunting friends. Please email me if you are interested in a big game hunt in South Africa or Zimbabwe.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight