Dear Hunting Friends

Welcome to Take Aim Safaris 36th newsletter.

Having already sold over 200 big game hunts to clients from around the world and to many other Professional Hunters, Outfitters and international hunting agents I can with confidence offer you the hunt that you are looking for. I have yearend dates and quota available on all big game please contact me now for 2014 and 2015 bookings.

A short reminder that I offer hunts in the following concessions:



  • Sengwe 1
  • Sengwe 2
  • Malipati
  • Naivaisha
  • Chipinda Pools area

All these concessions are adjoined and unfenced to either the Gonarezhou National Park or the Kruger National Park.


  • Matetsi unit 1
  • Matetsi unit 3
  • Deka
  • The privately owned areas adjoined to the units and to Hwange National Park and also to Botswana. These areas are all unfenced to the units and/or to the Hwange National Park allowing for excellent game movement.


Binga is the best area in Zim for trophy Crocodile and Hippo also very good for Elephant and the occasional Buffalo gets shot in Binga.


Yes Nyakasanga is open for hunting again, the concession owner has appointed an Operator who in turn has appointed me as an accredited agent to market and sell hunts there, contact me for more info.

You can read more about these concessions and see camp pictures on my website.

South Africa

  • I offer hunts in the Greater Kruger Park
  • In a privately owned area adjoined to the Greater Kruger Park
  • Musina in the Northern part of the Limpopo province

You can read more about these areas and see camp pictures on my website.

Recent hunts since my last newsletter

Its dagga boy season in South Africa, if you are looking for a great buffalo hunt then look no further than my Hoedspruit concession together with my local PH partners Philip and Daniel Oosthuizen I am able to offer you a top class Buffalo hunt in fact in my opinion this is the best Buffalo area in SA. This area is also top for wild Lion hunts.

Take a look at these 4 Buffalos that were all taken recently in my Hoedspruit concession: (I still have 4 Buffalo on quota and 1 more Lion in this area for 2014).

A special word of congratulations to Hennie and Dale on their first Buffalos.

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Long term client and friend of TAS Matt moved one step closer to completing his big 5 by taking this beautiful male Lion also in my Hoedspruit concession adjoined to the Greater Kruger Park, Matt also took this 40 inch Sable and this very big spotted Hyena and a few other species together with Dale his hunting partner.

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Zimbabwean PH Stephen Meyer just completed another TAS hunt with American client Brian who managed to get this magnificent Lion, a very good Sable and this monster 33 inch Waterbuck.

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Thanks again for taking the time to read my newsletter and pass it on to your hunting friends, please contact me for all your big game hunting requirements, we hope to see you soon.

Thanks and best regards

Carl Knight