Dear hunting friends.

As the hunting season gets into full swing here in Southern Africa it is my privilege to again update you on recent hunts since my last newsletter that was sent out in May. Also please look out for my upcoming newsletters, I have 5 big game hunts during July and 6 big game hunts in August including 2 lion hunts, sable, buffalo and elephant to mention but a few. Watch this space.

To all our valued hunter clients, PH’s, Outfitters and Agents please contact me for all your big game hunts in Zimbabwe and South Africa. I have dates and quota available in top areas. Zimbabwean PH’s Stephen Meyer and Talmage Alexander have again as they always do delivered these top results to Take Aim Safaris clients. I have openings available for hunts with Stephen and Talmage for this year and next year including what I would say is one of the best trophy elephant bull permits I have ever sold: I have 1 trophy elephant bull hunt available with these PH’s for November 2014 in the Chipinda Pools area of Gonarezhou (just outside the Gonarezhou Park), quotas are so low in this area that these hunts are hard to get. These boys have a current average of over 70 lbs per tusk in this area. Be quick or this one will be sold.

2015 quota on trophy elephant bulls in Gonas is available and will sell fast, for those of you that have seen my 2014 season newsletters you know what to expect from your own hunt.

These American clients that hunted in Binga on Lake Kariba managed to get these 2 fantastic hippo bulls and this 4.4 meter croc during their hunt in June.

Newsletter-35-Croc-1 Newsletter-35-Hippo-3 Newsletter-35-Hippo-1 Newsletter-35-Hippo-2

Also on a recent hunt with Talmage and Steve during end of May 2014 we welcomed a great group of hunters comprising of father and two sons from Holland into our Matetsi concessions in Zimbabwe, amongst other trophies these hunters managed to shoot this very good leopard and this really big spotted hyena from the same blind on the same night plus this really good sable bull. Matetsi is well known world over for its top quality sable and lion. I have quota and dates available.

Newsletter-35-Leopard-1-new Newsletter-35-Sable-1-new Newsletter-35-Zebra-1-new

There is no reason not to book a hunt in Zimbabwe or South Africa, I have top areas, top PH’s and quota available and always will have. Agents, PH’s and Outfitters please add my hunts to your websites, brochures and pricelists. I have loads of references from clients, Agents, Outfitters and Ph’s.

A special note of thanks to Robbie Guthrie who guided the lion hunt featured in my last newsletter, it is an honour for me to be associated with Robbie and Ph’s like him. The good ones are excellent.

I want to wish my good friend and TAS client Matt all the best of luck on his male lion/sable and hippo hunt in July. When Matt completes his big 5 as he intends to do he will be my first client to start and finish his big 5 with TAS, a big party will be had on that day I have no doubt.

Matt already has his leopard (a monster that was guided by Robbie Guthrie) and his buffalo; in fact he has two buffalo, one guided by Robbie and one guided by legendary Zimbabwean PH Lloyd Yeatman. Seasoned PH and personal friend of mine Philip Oosthuizen will be guiding Matt on his lion hunt in the Hoedspruit area of South Africa.

Also want to wish all the best of luck to Brian from the USA who will be hunting a lion with Stephen Meyer from Zimbabwe in July 2014.

Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletter and for passing it onto your hunting friends and industry colleagues.

Hunters best wishes.

Carl Knight