Dear Hunting Friends

I have just finished my 28th Newsletter (attached) and my 2014 area information and pricelist (also attached) I was about to send it out to you all however since completing the 28th newsletter we have had some fantastic year end hunts that I would like to share with you so I decided to send out two newsletters at once with my 2014 info.

The main feature of this newsletter has to be this 75 pounder elephant bull shot in one of our concessions along the Gonarezhou National Park in the Southern Lowveld of Zimbabwe, the left tusk weighed 75 pounds and the right/broken tusk weighed 52 pounds. If you are interested in a trophy elephant bull hunt please look no further than the Gonarezhou Safari Areas. This year we have hunted a 92 pounder, a 78 pounder, a 70 pounder and this 75 pounder plus many in the 60 pound range, our average for the year in the Gonarezhou area is above 60 pounds.

Take a look at this magnificent trophy elephant bull:

Also taken on a recent hunt in Zimbabwe during November 2013 was this very good elephant bull with both tusks weighing 42 pounds each, the hunter also shot this hippo bull and 3 meter crocodile:

Also in November in another of our concessions in Zimbabwe we welcomed a client from Spain who hunted these two buffalo bulls, one of them took 11 shots and charged before he was finally stopped.

During October we had a European hunter hunting with us at our Matetsi concession, the hunter managed to shoot 13 different animals on a 10 day hunt including these two buffalo.

Please contact me to discuss your next hunt in either South Africa or Zimbabwe, I do have quota for all of the Big 4 plus Hippo and Croc plus Sable and all Plains Game for the 2014 season.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight