Dear Hunting Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you all well. You will find attached to this email our 2014 brochure and price list with area information and camp pictures for all our concessions in Zimbabwe and also in South Africa.

As you may know Take Aim Safaris focuses on big game hunts in an ethical and fair chase environment by supporting a “conservation through utilization” approach to all/any hunts we offer and sell. You can be assured of honesty and integrity at all times when dealing with us. We are proud to offer what we believe are the best hunting concessions in Zimbabwe and in South Africa as follows:


All the concessions we offer hunts in are adjoined to Zimbabwe’s National Parks that serve as feeder Parks to our concession areas. These concessions are 100% unfenced and offer the hunter a fair chase hunting opportunity with top class professional hunters that know the areas and the animal movement within the areas like the back of their hands.

Gonarezhou National Park in the Southern Lowveld of Zimbabwe is part of the Trans Frontier Park and is adjoined to the Kruger National Park of South Africa and the Mozambican National Park. We offer 4 different hunting areas throughout the Gonarezhou that are all adjoined to either the Gonarezhou National Park itself or the Kruger Park, you can read more about these areas and see camp pictures on the attached brochure or on the Take Aim Safaris website.

Matetsi Safari area is adjoined to Zimbabwe’s biggest National Park the Hwange National Park and is truly a fantastic place to hunt all big game, the area is well known as amongst Zimbabwe’s top hunting areas and is logistically very easy to hunt as you land at Victoria Falls International Airport where you will be met by your PH and take a short 1 hour road transfer to our camp.

Binga on Lake Kariba is the best place in Zimbabwe to hunt Hippo and Croc, there is no debating that fact. Lake Kariba produces the highest trophy quality crocodiles with an average of over 4 meter crocodiles having been consistently taken there for years now not to mention massive hippo bulls. We have a luxury lodge on the banks of the Lake that will suit any family wishing to hunt hippo/croc and also do some Tiger Fish fishing. If you want to hunt a hippo/croc look no further than Binga.

Nyakasanga and Chirundu are also amongst Zimbabwe’s top concessions and are adjoined to Mana Pools National Park to the North of Zimbabwe located on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River this area will leave even the most experienced and seasoned hunters breathless at the beauty that surrounds you, topped off with a 5 star hunting lodge this area is highly sought after by hunters from around the world and is highly recommended by me as a magnificent hunting area. You can read more about all these concessions on the attached brochure.

South Africa:

There has never been more wild animals in South Africa than there are now. This fact is thanks to South Africa’s approach to conservation and hunting, any hunter hunting in SA can truly be viewed as a part of the most successful animal conservation story in Africa. As a fenced area hunting destination there are perhaps less big game hunters hunting in South Africa than there should be, this is a pity as the South African’s have done more for conservation and species preservation than another other country in Africa and deserve your support as clients. When considering a big game hunt please consider this fact. We offer 2 hunting concessions in South Africa both in the Limpopo Province in the Northern territory of the country.


Our hunting area is adjoined to the Kruger Park by an 11 kilometer boundary road and fence, our concession is a fantastic place to hunt Buffalo on their own terms where they have always been found, we also offer wild Lion hunts on rouge Lions coming into our area from the adjoining Kruger Park this is the best priced wild Lion hunt available in Africa today. Leopard are plentiful in the area with 95% of the Leopard hunts undertaken here resulting in success, permits are hard to get and need to be booked well in advance.


Our Magorgor concession to the far North of South Africa on the Zimbabwe border is a beautiful area with mountains & rivers running through the concession and an abundance of plains game like Nyala & Bushbuck that have always been found here make this a truly special place to hunt with seasoned professional hunters Cecil and Paulus both of whom are 3rd generation PH’s to hunt this area. Adjoined to the Musina Wildlife Reserve you can be assured that this is the best that the Limpopo has to offer. Here too there is an abundance of leopard that are often seen in the day whilst walking the area, permits are difficult to get to hunt leopard but do become available so again please book early if you intend hunting a leopard in SA.

Take Aim Safaris has conducted over 150 big game hunts and has loads of references from happy hunters both local and abroad, you can book and hunt with us with 100% confidence. Here are some pictures of trophies taken since my last newsletter, this 4.2 meter Croc was shot at Binga and this dagga boy Buffalo was shot in Matetsi out of herd of 600+ buffalo, what an experience hunting a buffalo out of such a big herd is.

Book with us and find out.

Clients, hunting agents and PH’s please contact me to discuss your bookings and 2014 terms and conditions available to you.

Hunters best wishes, see you in Dortmund and Huntex 2014.

Regards and Thanks

Carl Knight