Dear Hunting Friends

Welcome to the 26th edition of the Take Aim Safaris newsletter, I hope you are all well and a big thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully enjoy this newsletter.

Since my last newsletter we have been happy to welcome new and old clients to hunt with us in South Africa and in Zimbabwe.

First up for this newsletter is an old friend and long term client of Take Aim Safaris, Matthew who has just completed his 5th hunt with us. After lots of planning and much deliberation about where to hunt his leopard to ensure his best chance of success at a very big tom cat we finally decided on the very game rich area of South Africa bordering on South Africa/Botswana and Zimbabwe in the Lowveld Valley where the leopards truly do become very big, also on Matthews wish list was a big “dagga boy buffalo”. I am pleased to be able to show you all the pictures of this massive leopard in fact the biggest I have ever seen this cat weighed over 80 kilograms and has a skull that measured over 18 inches.

We had very good early success on our baits (can’t tell you too much here dont want to give away our secrets and we were fortunate enough to bag this leopard on the 3rd night of the 14 day hunt. I have attached to this newsletter some pictures of the bait note the claw marks illustrating the size of the cats paws and also a picture of our blind, this cat came into the blind at 19.30 PM shortly after nightfall.

The buffalo hunting was great with Matthew pulling off a superb shot on this buffalo dropping it dead in its tracks. Well done and thanks for the great hunt Matthew.

In addition to the dream hunt that Matthew had we recently welcomed clients from Poland and from Germany hunting in South Africa and in Zimbabwe between them they had great hunts and managed to take these fantastic trophies, we thank them for the hunts and look forward to welcoming them back soon.

We look forward to our upcoming hunts and we will keep you updated, please feel free to email me your hunt enquiry on this email address and please read more about Take Aim Safaris on our website also be sure to pass this newsletter on to your hunting friends.

Hunters best wishes, hope to see you soon.

Carl Knight