Dear Carl Knight – 25th September 2008 (The date I passed my Professional Hunters exams)

Since as of right now you have no clients yet this 1st newsletter is written to yourself.

Always remember why you started this business:

  • Out of a true love and respect for Africa and the beautiful animals that she offers us hunters.
  • Always be respectful towards the animals you will hunt.
  • Only hunt with conservation of the species that you will be hunting as your foremost concern.
  • Always apply a utilisation through conservation approach to every hunt that you guide or sell.
  • As you always have done always be honest and respectful to your clients.
  • There is a place in every industry for an honest man or woman that works hard, stay focused and stay committed to your dream.
  • Only book hunts for your clients that you would do yourself.
  • When things seem too good to be true remember that that is always the case.
  • Lastly and most importantly run your business in the name of God the Father without whom there is no life.

May this business be something that you can be proud of and hand over to your family one day.




This buffalo was my first buffalo bull, a lifelong dream come true between father and son. That’s me on the left with my dad Terry on the right of me and my friend Louis Fouche on the far right. This buffalo was shot in Hoedspruit South Africa.


This is my croc that I shot in Mozambique it measured 4.8 meters, it was shot on the Cahora Bassa Lake also with my Dad, I shot a buffalo on that hunt as well. Another lifelong dream come true between father and son.

I hope to help many other fathers and sons fulfil their dreams of hunting Africa’s big game like my Dad and I did.