Newsletter 51

Dear Hunting Friends

I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed the festive season, I wish you all the best for 2016 and beyond.

Welcome to Take Aim Safaris 51st newsletter:

My last newsletter was sent out on the 21st of November 2015, since then not much hunting has happened to update you on as December is the period we close for the year although I did personally guide one last hunt for the year and that was an elephant bull hunt in South Africa at the start of December. The client on the hunt was my now good friend Matt, he and his family have hunted with me many times, by taking this elephant bull Matt moves one step closer to taking his African dangerous 7 in fact he now has 6 of the 7.

Well done Matt and thanks for another great hunt.


Have you ever wondered what the best country in Africa is to hunt elephant? The answer is complicated (for some people) also subject to opinion and debate however for me the answer is clear and simple the best country to hunt elephant in is Zimbabwe. Why? There are more elephant in Zimbabwe than there are in any other country that is open for elephant hunting in fact only Botswana claims to have more elephant than Zimbabwe and Botswana is closed for hunting. Of course genetics play a role when it comes to trophy quality, here again Zimbabwe comes up on top with the biggest bulls in Africa CURRENTLY and consistently being hunted in Zimbabwe . Now without giving my opinion too much rather let’s stick to the facts and leave it at this: There are more elephants in Zimbabwe than any other country in Africa where elephants can be hunted.

If you want to book a hunt for a big elephant for yourself or for your client then let me give you 3 current reasons (when I say current I mean current and not what happened 5, 10 or 20 years ago) why you should book your hunt with me for the Gonarezhou Safari areas in Zimbabwe.

Here are the top 3 awards (my top 3 reasons for you to consider) for the biggest elephants shot in Zimbabwe during 2015, the awards were issued by the Zimbabwean Professional Hunters Association to the Zim PH’s that guided the hunts.


1. Biggest elephant shot in Zimbabwe for 2015 was shot by a client whose hunt I booked. This is also the biggest elephant shot in Africa in living memory, the tusks weighed 122 and 120 pounds.


2. Biggest elephant shot out of a safari area was also shot by one of my clients, tusks weighed 86 and 84 pounds.


3. Best elephant out of 3 award. These tusks weighed 84 and 81 pounds. When you book with me you will hunt the best trophy bull elephant concessions available in Africa today.

The Zim PH’s that guided these hunts were Nixon Dzingai and Luke Swartz, all three bulls were shot in 2015.

I only book my clients into top concessions with top PH’s that know the areas they hunt and the animals in the areas like the backs of their hands, in most cases these PH’s have lived in these areas all their lives. If you are planning a hunt for 2016 then please contact me for a quote, you can be sure you will get not only the best PH and area for your hunt but a reliable office and booking service also.

For 2016 I have quota and dates available on all big game including the big 5 plus hippo and croc, sable, roan and all other plains game in the best concessions RSA and Zimbabwe have to offer. Clients, PH’s, Outfitters and Agents please contact me for all your RSA and Zimbabwe hunt bookings.

Thanks for passing my newsletter onto your hunting friends.

Visit us in Dortmund, Salzburg, Hungary and Huntex (RSA), feel free to contact me for more info.

Hunters best wishes

Carl Knight